Total Number of Apex Masters this Season Has Surpassed the Combined Diamond Players

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By Nazmul Hassan
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For the first time ever, Apex Legend broke its record for the most Master ranked players, surpassing the total number of Diamonds combined.

Similar to previous seasons, Apex Legends underwent many changes to keep the game fresh. For starters, the Firing Range went through a massive overhaul with tons of QoL improvements and upgrades. A new Legend named Ballistic also entered the game and immediately won over many players’ hearts.

Moreover, Respawn renovated the World’s Edge to give it a modern look with upgraded features. However, the biggest change of Season 17 happened with the Ranked system. Instead of updating the old Ranked, the developers completely scrapped the previously existing scoring method and introduced the Ladder Points.

The new system was introduced to compensate for Apex Legends’ previous flaws. However, the decision instantly backbit the developers as a massive imbalance in Ranked Distribution was noticed, especially in the Master rank.

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Number of Masters has Exceeded the Diamonds

According to Apexlegendsstatus, 6.5% of the total player base who play rank this season are Masters. On the other hand, the total number of Diamond players accounts for 6.182% (Diamond IV – 1.932%, Diamond III – 1.654%, Diamond II – 1.352%, Diamond I – 1.244%) of the total player base.

Number of Masters has Exceeded the Diamonds
Credit: apexlegendsstatus

Currently, there are .318% more Masters than the combined Diamond players. Also, remember that there’ll be no Split II in Season 17. So, players can grind rank before the season is over. Hence, a lot more players will be at Masters at the end of the season. However, the same thing also applies to players in the Platinum rank right now, who are likely to reach Diamond very soon.

Based on Apexlegendsstatus’ data, there are more than 375,000 Masters in PC and Consoles. Master should be the second hardest rank to achieve in Apex Legends. Nevertheless, due to the new Ranked system, it has become quite the opposite.

Many players, including the pros, severely criticized the current Ranked system because of its obvious flaws. However, the current Ranked system is in an early stage, and Respawn is surely taking notes of all the community feedback and data. So, hopefully, we can expect some major changes in an upcoming update that’ll shake things up with the Ranked system.

Note: The data from Apexlegendsstatus was collected at the time of writing. So there may be a slight disparity between the data shown here vs. the live data.

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