Apex Legends: All Season 17 World’s Edge Changes

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By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: EA

Apex Legends Season 17 will bring massive changes to the World’s Edge map. Let’s find out what to expect from the updated map.

Since the release of Apex Legends, the game introduced 5 unique maps into the game. Every map has its unique layout and features. However, not every map is well accepted and loved by the players.

Among all the maps, World’s Edge is the most favorite one in the community. The map was first introduced in Season 3. The map has undergone several updates and renovations to keep things interesting since then.

Similarly, Respawn is substantially altering the World’s Edge map in Season 17, with the addition of two new POIs: Monument and Stacks. Additionally, the developers are improving the map’s quality of life in a number of POIs. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at all the World’s Edge adjustments Respawn has shared so far.

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Season 17 World’s Edge Update


One of the hottest topics for World’s Edge is Fragment East and West. This season we have decided to make some changes starting with our new POI, Monument. We know Fragment is a polarizing spot on the map, and we also like it to boot. Our goal was to be delicate and add something fresh to the long-standing map center.

Credit: ea (Old POI: Fragment)
Season 17 World's Edge
Credit: EA (NEW POI: Monument)

Fictionally, Monument stands as a testament to the Apex Games. Its museum celebrates Apex’s past, present, and future. It’s a shining beacon to us on the dev team. A glowing reminder for how far Apex Legends has come since its initial debut in 2019.

The Monument Project has been brought to you by Silva Pharmaceuticals—paving the way to a brighter future at the Edge of the World.

Season 17 World's Edge
Credit: ea

From a design standpoint, Monument is a deep bunker with a quick access sniper nest for positional control and scouting. The glass ceiling brings an interesting component to the vertically layered fights this space offers. It’s a different pace to the familiar collapsed map center and we hope you enjoy it. 

That being said, we did make one more big change to Fragment….


In our efforts to balance the map’s landing distributions, the tower of the sweat lords had to go. You know the one, built like a stack of pancakes with two ziplines on either end: Fragment’s infamous Construction Stack. Don’t worry, it’s not gone; we just moved it.

Now introducing – Stacks! Our new Point of Interest on the southern edge.

Season 17 World's Edge
Credit: ea (Old POI: LAVA City)
Season 17 World's Edge
Credit: EA (New POI: Stacks)

Built like a red velvet layer cake, Stacks is a crow’s nest that’s all about verticality with its interconnected rooftops replacing the long-forgotten Lava City. Positioned right next to Rampart’s Big Maude, we plan for the counter play here to be high. Did someone say cat and mouse?


In this Season, we have completely removed the “vertical updraft” movement system from World’s Edge. This floaty state above deep Lava Fissures was a remnant of World’s Edge that is no longer needed with our recent map adjustments. To compensate, we have raised the lava floor and it is now walkable. Be careful, it’s hot.

Season 17 World's Edge
Credit: ea


After removing the lava updraft, it was logical to improve the landing experience at Harvester. Threading the needle through the building’s central tube will now bring players to a safe landing platform. “Safe” but also surrounded by lava.

This loot honey pot also provides a new shortcut. You can now catch a zipline across Harvester’s circular arena from below, adding a new approach to fights here. We’ve also created a new vertical connection. An open window that allows players to jump from Harvester’s center room to the platform below. It’s a risky escape route for when your squad is being pinched by predators.

Season 17 World's Edge
Credit: ea


We’ve added an additional Vault for balanced Vault distribution. This North vault is nestled in a tunnel leading to Skyhook. Vault key drops have been increased; Vault loot has been relaxed. Loba mains rejoice.

Season 17 World's Edge
Credit: ea


Hammond’s Climatizer technology has made advances cooling the region down. Additional Climate Seeding Towers have been installed near Skyhook to further their efforts. As a result, Skyhook has received a fresh dusting of snow, opening new pathways and injecting some new life to the area.


This Party POI has left the previous Season’s maps and has now settled in World’s Edge.

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