The Community Once Again Bashes Apex Legends for Broken and Unfair Matchmaking in Ranked

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Despite getting kills and good placement, players get little to no bonuses, leading them to frustrations and making it difficult to climb the rank ladder.

Since Apex Legends’ launch, the developers have been working hard to make the game enjoyable for everyone at every skill level. From introducing Ranked mode to overhauling Skill-based Matchmaking system, Respawn has left no page unturned.

Yet, despite Respawn’s best efforts, some flaws always persist. The Ranked mode in Apex Legends is one of such flaws that always existed. The uneven matchmaking and point system in Ranked were some of the main issues.

In order to address the main problems, Respawn implemented hidden MMR, a new scoring system, and Ladder Points in Season 17. Nevertheless, rather than resolving the issues at hand, the new system has sparked more problems. Needless to add, unfair matchmaking continues to exist.

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Broken Matchmaking Still Exists in Ranked

After Season 13, Apex Legends just went through the biggest Ranked changes in Season 17. One of Respawn’s goals was to “evolve Matchmaking to enable consistently competitive matches.” However, the community still thinks matchmaking is broken in Ranked.

A Reddit user named Chaotixx420 in the Apex Legends subreddit shed light on a common issue many players have been facing in the current rank system. Despite getting multiple eliminations in the Ranked matches, players are getting little to no bonuses and rewards, leading them to frustration.

The new Ranked system was made to create a better matchmaking system with a player base of similar skill sets. So, why are people getting players so below their ranks in the lobby that they are not getting a single point? Flyboy16013111 questioned.

Flyboy16013111’s explanations of the current state of the Ranked system clearly describe that the new Ranked is not free from flaws, leading players to believe this Season might be worse than what Ranked mode was in previous seasons.

An unprecedented number of players have already reached Masters and Predators within two weeks of the seasonal launch. Moreover, players are ratting to Masters with no kills and damages.

The way Apex’s Ranked is moving forward is creating an unhealthy competitive environment for the game. However, the current Ranked system is in an early stage, and Respawn is surely taking notes of all the community feedback and data. So, hopefully, we can expect some major changes in an upcoming update that’ll shake things up with the Ranked system.

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