Galio is getting some big changes in upcoming patch 10.7

Riot is testing some big changes on Galio R that will allow him to give his W shield to his teammates after casting his ultimate.

League of Legends lead gameplay designer Mark Yetter tweeted revealing that they are testing some Galio changes. And the changes are set to go live in the upcoming patch 10.7. Mark Yetter said, “We’ve had a Galio change that @riot_captain has in testing for 10.7″.

New Galio Changes for Patch 10.7

  • R – Allies in the arrival area gain Galio’s W Magic Shield for 4s.

In the current patch 10.5, Galio is pretty much non-existence with just a 1.99% pick rate and 49.17% win rate in the mid lane. His play rate from the solo queue dropped dramatically when he lost his Flash+W combo in the patch V9.14.

Galio has always been a pro focused champion rather than a solo queue champion. Regarding that Mark Yetter said, “Our previous changes to the flash+W combo were so effective that we can bring back some life saving on the ult without him becoming a pro problem”.

With the new R changes, Galio will be able to give his W magic shield to his teammates on casting his ultimate. The W shield will be applied to every teammate who will be on the ultimate circle radius. And the shield will remain on them for 4s.


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