Riven, Ivern, Kai’sa, Corki, and Xin Zhao are getting buffs in patch 10.7

For the upcoming patch 10.7, Riot Games has decided to buff eight champions.

League of Legends lead gameplay designer Mark Yetter tweeted that, they are planning to buff Nasus, Galio, Riven, Ivern, Akali, Kai’sa, Corki, and Xin Zhao. These buffs are planned to hit the live servers on patch 10.7.

Riven Buff

  • Base HP regen 7>>>8.5

Riven is a type of champion that is only played by her mains and rarely seen in the pro games. Riot did give her a VFX update in patch 9.4, and since then Riot changed her couple of times. But even with those changes, Riven failed to stay in the meta.

Riven currently has a 49.89% win rate with just a 1.66% pick rate. This low pick rate clearly shows how unpopular she is among League of Legends players. And with this extra 1.5 HP regen, Riven might somehow get herself into the meta.

Ivern Buff

  • E: Damage 60-140>>>70-170
  • R: Cooldown 160-120>>>140-120

Ivern is among the lowest pick rate champions with just a 0.68% pick rate. Many League of Legends players even forgot that Ivern exists in the game. With this extra 10 damage level 1, and 30 damage, later on, might actually help him to do well in this current meta. And with the 20s cooldown reduction from his level 1 R will also help him a lot early to mid-game.

Kai’sa Buff

  • E: Cooldown 16-14>>>16-12

Kai’sa is still one of the most played champions in patch 10.6, with a 25.82% pick rate. But she only has a 46.91% win rate. Even though she has a high pick rate, Riot is buffing her E cooldown.

Corki Buff

  • Package direct hit dot duration 1.5>>>2s

With the 10.7 buffs, Corki now has buffed three times in season 10. Even with the 10.1 and 10.3 buffs Corki still 47% win rate and 0.7% pick rate. And now with this buff to his package, he might be able to reach a positive win rate.

Xin Zhao Buff

  • Passive: Heal 10-68>>>10-112 based on level

Although Xin Zhao has a positive win rate with a 50.72% win rate, his pick rate is not significant. As he only has a 2.59% pick rate according to op.gg. And this 10.7 buff to his passive heal will help to sustain in the late game.

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