Wukong, Garen, Talon, and Nocturn are being targeted to receive nerf in patch 10.7

Riot is targeting Wukong, Garen, Talon, and Nocturn mid to receive nerf in the upcoming patch 10.7.

League of Legends lead gameplay designer Mark Yetter tweeted announcing that they are planning to nerf Wukong, Garen, Talon, and Nocturn mid. The nerfs are going live for testing in PBE soon and will hit live servers on patch 10.7.

Wukong Nerf Patch 10.7

  • Passive: Armor 5-11>>>5-9 based on level
  • E: Damage 80-240>>>70-210

Wukong has been reworked in the patch 10.6 and got hotfix in just two days of his change. It seems Riot is not satisfied with the Wukong hotfix nerfs of the patch 10.6. And they are planning to nerf his passive and his E damage.

Wukong currently has a 52.53% win rate and 8.87% pick rate in the Top lane which is highest among any Top lane champions. He also has a 52.77% win rate in the mid lane according to op.gg. Many Wukong mains might find this over nerf but as his win rate is higher Riot has decided to nerf him once again.

Garen Nerf

  • Passive: Cooldown 7s>>>8s
  • Q: Movement speed duration 1.5-3.5>>>1-3.6s

Garen has now being nerfed back to back two patches. After Garen was one of the best Top lanes in patch 10.5, Riot nerfed him in patch 10.6 and now again he is being nerfed in patch 10.7. As he still has a massive 52.24% win rate and 13.29% pick rate.

Nocturn Nerf

  • HP: Regen 8.5>>>7
  • MR per level 1.25>>>0.75

Nocturn is getting a nerf as he currently has a 53.56% win rate in Diamond+ games in the mid lane.

Talon Nerf

  • W: Initial damage 50-110(+40% bAD)>>>45-105(+45% bAD)
  • W: Return damage 70-130(+60% bAD)>>>45-125(+65% bAD)

Mark Yetter said, Talon is getting nerfs in patch 10.7 as “He’s OP in our elite (diamond 2+) bracket.”



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