Azir, Yasuo, Kalista & Others Are Receiving Buffs in Patch 13.7

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Riot has unveiled that Azir, Katarina, Kalista, Graves, Alistar and Yasuo will receive massive buffs in the upcoming patch 13.7.

The previous League of Legends patch, 13.6, was designed around the solo queue rather than pro play. In that patch, Riot buffed many champions who had obnoxious win rates. Additionally, Riot also nerfed Aurelion Sol, Yuumi, and various ADC items in this patch as well.

Riot also nerfed Dragons alongside champion adjustments because of how objectives determined the game. These changes were well regarded as they made the overall ranked meta much healthier.

And now, since MSI is not so far away, Riot is now looking at adjustments that will impact the pro-scene. Because of it, we will see some changes to the prominent pro-pick champions in the coming days.

Lead Designer at the Summoner’s Rift team, Riot Phroxzon, recently revealed on Twitter all the upcoming changes of patch 13.7. He announced that Azir, Katarina, Kalista, Graves, Alistar and Yasuo would receive significant buffs in the upcoming patch 13.7

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Patch 13.7 Buffs

Azir Buffs

  • Stats:
    • Armor: 19 >>> 22
    • Attack Speed Growth: 5% >>> 6%
    • Skill recommender: Q max >>> W max
  • Passive:
    • Passive Duration: 30 >>> 45
    • Passive Summon Range: 500 >>> 700
  • Q – Conquering Sands
    • Mana Cost: 65-85 >>> 70-110
    • Stab Range: 370 >>> 325
  • W- Arise!
    • Mana Cost: 40 >>> 40-20
    • Damage per Rank: 50-90 >>> 50-118
    • W Total Damage: 50-200 >>> 5-210

Azir is one of the staple pro-play champions in the game. Because of how skill expressive his kit is, most casual players don’t bother learning him. But in a coordinated environment, Azir’s potential can be unleashed.

However, in patch 13.4, Riot significantly nerfed Azir’s entire kit. Afterwards, in patch 13.5, Riot mini-reworked Azir. That rework aimed to make him more viable in ranked rather than in pro-play. But all these changes made Azir far weaker than he was previously.

Azir currently has an abysmal 44.7% win rate and a 1.3% pick rate, far lower than before. Moreover, he is still now the second-worst mid-laner in the game. Because of it, Riot will significantly buff him in the upcoming patch.

Katarina Buffs

  • Passive Dagger AP Ratio: 65/75/85/95% >>> 70/80/90/100%
  • R Death Lotus Bonus AD Ratio: 18% Bonus AD (+3-% Bonus AD per 100% Bonus AS) >>> 16% Bonus AD (50% Bonus AD per 100% Bonus AS)

Katarina is one of the oldest and most popular champions in the game. She still has one of the highest pick rates in terms of mid-lane. However, you can see how pitiful her current state is when comparing her pick rate with her win rate.

She currently has a 48.9% win rate with a high 9.0% pick rate. Moreover, she also received a new skin alongside one more prestige skin with the release of Faerie Court Katarina. So to bring some attention to her, Riot will be buffing her in patch 13.7.

Kalista Buffs

  • Attack Damage Growth: 3.5 >>> 3.75
  • Oathsworn Bond Ceremony: Shortened by 4 seconds

Similar to Azir, Kalista is also one of the staple pro-pick champions. Her high-skill floor is the reason she strives in a professional environment. But despite receiving no changes, Kalista’s win rate is tanking patch after patch. Especially recently, her win rate has dropped significantly after the nerfs to the AD items.

Right now, Kalista’s win rate is merely 48.11%, with a 1.5% pick rate. Also, like Katarina, Kalista received a new skin recently, Faerie Court Kalista. So to spotlight her, Riot will give her some much-needed buffs in the upcoming patch.

Graves Buffs

  • Crit Bonus: 20% >>> 30%
  • R Cooldown: 120-60 >>> 100-60

Graves has fallen far from grace. In previous seasons, he was one of, if not the strongest, junglers. The main reason was his fast clear speed, high damage output, and excellent utility. Furthermore, many pros played him in both mid and top in the previous Worlds tournaments. But because of the meta shift, players picked other impactful jungle champions like Zac and Sijuani.

In the current patch, Graves has a pitiful 47.96% win rate with an average 4.2% pick rate. To increase his win rate, Riot will be slightly buffing him in patch 13.7.

Alistar Buffs

  • Armor: 44 >>> 47
  • Base health: 670 >>> 685

Alistar is one of the only champions who is constantly receiving buffs recently. In patch 13.3, Riot buffed his entire kit. But still, his pick rate didn’t go up as expected. So Riot buffed his passive healing, Q and W AP ratio in the next patch, 13.4. But his win rate is still very stale. Because of it, Riot will be buffing him again in patch 13.7.

Yasuo Buffs

  • Passive Shield: 100-475 >>> 100-575 (Heavily Backloaded)
  • E Sweeping Blade Damage Amp: +25% Base Damage per stack, up to 2 stacks >>> +15-25% Total Damage per stack, up to 4 stacks.

The most unexpected change here is the Yasuo buffs. The last time he was changed in the game was because of the durability rework. And before that, he was buffed slightly because Immortal Shieldbow was nerfed hard, and both Yasuo and Yone could not compete.

Yasuo currently has an expected 48.96% win rate with a 7.2% pick rate. Since Yasuo hasn’t been changed in a while, Riot will give him a slight buff in the upcoming major patch.

Patch 13.7 Release Date

All the buffs mentioned earlier will arrive in live servers in patch 13.7, scheduled for release on Wednesday, April 5, 2023.

Soumyo Deb is a League of Legends writer at GameRiv and a dedicated Jungle Main. When he is not writing about the latest League news, he is testing out various off-meta champions in the jungle.