Huge Nerfs For Azir in League of Legends Patch 13.4

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Azir is getting big nerfs in Patch 13.4 of League of Legends.

A new patch is coming soon in League of Legends, as many changes are on the horizon. Plenty of buffs and nerfs are coming in Patch 13.4 as we look forward to Riot answering the current server trends. The patch preview came out a while back with a stacked list.

Some of the highlight changes are adjustments to kill experience numbers, jungle pets nerf, support item improvements, and more. Along with those changes, we will be getting the new Astronaut skins, and the Rugged Garen splash art is also getting changes.

Thus, we have a lot to look forward to. Among those changes is the brand new Azir nerf. This will change a lot in mid-lane, especially in pro play. Let’s talk about the changes coming to Azir. Below is the full patch preview for Patch 13.4.

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Azir Nerf Patch 13.4

The nerfs of Azir will change how you play him in the lane. So before talking about the changes in detail, here they are.

  • Base Stats:
    • Mana: 480-937 >>> 380 – 992.
  • W – Arise!:
    • Recharge Cooldown: 9-6 seconds >>> 10-6 seconds.
  • E – Shifting Sands:
    • Damage: 60-180 + 40% AP >>> 60-220 + 55% AP.
  • R – Emperor’s Divide:
    • Damage: 175-475 + 60% >>> 200-600 + 75%.

To put it in words, his mana at early levels is being reduced by 100, while the mana scales better later in the game. His Sand Soldiers take longer to recharge in the early game, but the damage was put more into his E and R.

All these changes indicate that Riot wants to move away from the lane-dominant Azir to more of a mid-game to late-game Azir. His itemization might change a little due to these changes. With these changes, it is expected that Azir will fall much lower in priority, especially in pro play.

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