Ahri, Sylas, Ivern, Udyr, and Irelia are getting buffs on patch 10.19 ahead of the Worlds 2020

Riot is pushing some significant buffs to Ahri, Sylas, Ivern, Udyr, and Irelia on the upcoming patch 10.19.

League of Legends Worlds 2020 is just around the corner starting from September 25. And ahead of the biggest esports event, League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter has previewed the Worlds patch today.

In the upcoming patch 10.19 which is going to be the World’s patch, Riot is planning on giving changes to multiple champions. They are buffing ADCs like Sivir, Vayne, and Aphelios while nerfing Caitlyn and Senna. Moreover, they are also nerfing some high impactful pro games champions like Azir and Twisted Fate along with Nunu and Talon. And now ahead of the Worlds, Riot is also planning on buffing Ahri, Sylas, Ivern, Udyr, and Irelia.

Patch 10.19 Buffs


  • W:
    • Cooldown: 10-6 >>> 9-5
    • Mana cost: 55 >>> 40

Ahri just received some significant changes in patch 10.18, where Riot decided to give her more “flexibility.” In the recent patch, they changed her passive entirely and gave her W some notable buffs. However, for the upcoming patch 10.19, Riot is again planning on buffing Ahri once again.


  • R: Cooldown: 100-60 >>> 100-40

Ever since his release on patch 9.2, Sylas was undergone with multiple nerfs. Even earlier this season, Riot revamped his entire kit by giving him some significant nerfs. The nerf was so brutal that Riot had to hotfix buff him twice later on.

But the damage was done to the kit, and he was struggling to pass that 48% win rate mark for most of season 10. And now ahead of the Worlds, Riot has finally decided to give him some buffs on patch 10.19 so that he can have some adequate impact in the Worlds stage.


  • E: Slow amount: 40-60% >>> 50-70%

Despite his recent buff on patch 10.7, Ivern still has one of the lowest pick rates in League of Legends. Currently, on patch 10.18, he only has a 1.1% pick rate where the win rate is just around 49.08%. Therefore, Ivern will taste some buffs in the upcoming patch 10.19.

Udyr Phoenix

  • R: Cone damage: 50-275 (+60% AP) >>> 50-325 (+70% AP)

Udyr is pretty much in the same state as Ivern where he also has a 1.2% pick rate. His current state has to be the worst of any champions in League of Legends and needs a complete VGU. Riot however also thinks the same and planning on giving him a fresh look very soon. But in the meantime, they are buffing his Phoenix form in the upcoming patch 10.19.


  • R:
    • Barrage damage: 125-325 >>> 125-375
    • Perimeter damage: 125-275 >>> 125-375

Even though Irelia received some buffs on patch 10.15 and 10.10, she currently only has a 48.42% win rate in the Plat+ Elo. One of the most dominant champions of season 9’s pro games only had a 6.8% presence in the Summer 2020 split. And ahead of the Worlds, Riot is pushing even more Irelia buffs on patch 10.19, so that she can somehow be a meta pick in the Worlds stage once again.

All these new changes will hit the live servers on patch 10.19, which is scheduled for Wednesday, Sep 16, 2020.

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