Major Swain changes along with Shen, Gragas, and Irelia buffs are incoming on patch 10.15

Patch 10.15 to feature some big buffs to champions like Swain, Shen, Gragas, and Irelia.

League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter previewed the patch 10.15 today. And it seems like, on patch 10.15, seven champions will be getting buffs including some big changes for Swain and Skarner. All the new changes will be on PBE for testing and will hit the live servers on patch 10.15.

Swain Buff Patch 10.15

Base Stats:

  • Movement Speed: 335 >>> 325


  • Cooldown: 12-6 >>> 10s
  • Now scales with CDR
  • [REMOVED] Mana restore

QDeath’s Hand

  • Cooldown: 10-4 >>> 9-3s
  • Bolt angle: 10 >>> 8 degrees (narrower cone)
  • [NEW] Q bolts pass through champions

WVision of Empire

  • Range: 3500 >>> 5500-7500
  • Damage: 100-300 >>> 80-240
  • Mana cost: 70-130 >>> 70-110


  • Cooldown: 13-9s >>> 10s
  • Mana cost: 60-80 >>> 50

Last time Swain received a proper buff was back in patch 9.15 and in season 10 he received nothing but bug fixes. As a result, he only has a 49.41% win rate in support which is his highest picked role with just a 2.0% pick rate. His presence in mid and the top lane is pretty much non-existence as well.

But now in the upcoming patch 10.15, Swain is getting a mini-rework where they will be buffing his every ability besides his ultimate. And according to Riot Scruffy, these new changes will help him in both solos and support “equally.”

Shen Buff Patch 10.15

  • Passive Shield: 50-101 >>> 70-121

Shen has been out of the meta for quite some time now. Although Shen has a fairly good win rate in the soloq his presence in the pro game is just 2%. As a result, on patch 10.15 Riot is buffing Shen.

Gragas Buff Patch 10.15

  • W: AP ratio 50 >>> 60%
  • R: AP ratio 70 >>> 80%

Gragas is one of the few champions who hasn’t received any kind of buff/nerf in season 10. Thus, currently on patch 10.14, Gragas only has a 46.51% win rate in the jungle, making him one of the lowest picked champions in League of Legends. And with these new changes, there is a chance that his win rate will go up in patch 10.15.

Irelia Buff Patch 10.15

  • Passive Attack speed per stack: 8-12% >>> 8-16%

Even with a buff on patch 10.10, Irelia currently has the lowest win rates among any other top lane champions in League of Legends according to As a result, to bring some of her strength back, Riot is planning to give her some buffs on patch 10.15.


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