Kled, Maokai, and Irelia are the Top Lane champions to receive changes in patch 10.10

For the upcoming patch 10.10, Kled and Maokai are getting nerfs where Irelia is getting herself a buff.

League of Legends lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter tweeted today previewing the patch 10.10. And it seems like three Top lane champions are being targeted to receive changes. These changes are likely to hit PBE soon and will ship into live servers on patch 10.10.

Maokai Nerf Patch 10.10

  • MANA 377.28 > 375
  • Q: Mana cost 50 > 60

After being left behind for many patches, Maokai has finally managed to come back in the meta in patch 10.9. He did not only come back into the meta he came strong. Apparently, many players are also abusing him in the Top lane.

According to Scruffy, Maokai is both overpowered in Normal (Iron-Gold) and Skilled (Plat-Diamond) elo. If we take a look at his win rate he has an astonishing 52%+ win rate in almost all elos. He even has a 53% win rate in challenger games. As a result, Riot is planning to gut him down once again.

Kled Nerf Patch 10.10

  • Q: Cooldown 9-7 > 11-7

Like Maokai, Kled also has a strong presence in the Skilled (Plat-Diamond) elo. He also has a massive 53%+ win rates in Plat+ elo and mostly shining in the Master-Grandmaster elo, as a result, Riot has to nerf him in patch 10.10.

Irelia Buff Patch 10.10

  • E: Damage 70/110/150/190/230 > 80/125/170/215/260

After a whole season gutting Irelia down, Riot Games has finally decided to give her some sorts of comeback stats in patch 10.10.

Irelia currently has around 45% win rate in almost all elo in Top lane, many players also play her in the Mid lane as she is very ineffective against other Top lane champions. But, her win rate in mid is evenly bad. But these buffs might actually help her to get back into the meta and after that Riot might nerf her gain, you know better nerf Irelia!

Other Patch 10.10 Changes:

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