A new Halo project might be under development

Another Halo game apart from Infinite might be in the works, according to a job listing.

With Halo Infinite being a top contender in the next gen console war. It seems Microsoft and 343 Industries might have another trick under their sleeves with the Halo franchise.

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A job listing by 343 Industries for the position of Senior Producer states that the person will be enlisted to work on “a new project in the Halo universe.”

Although it may mean a lot of things like a side game or a spin-off entry like a new Halo Wars; even a short animated series or something similar. Hence, nothing solid can really be determined at this point.

Even though it’s no surprise that a new Halo project is under construction. It must feel good for Halo fans to know that Infinite is not the only next-gen experience that awaits. But, that is probably for the near future.

What we do know is that Halo Infinite is on its way to PC,  Xbox One, Xbox Series X this holiday 2020; additionally, we will finally be looking at some real footage of Halo Infinite at its finest, this July.

In other news, Halo 3 will be releasing this month on Halo MCC on PC, starting with a beta.

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