Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: All Post-Game Unlockables

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Keep reading to learn about all the exciting Post-Game content you can unlock after finishing the main story in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is the much-awaited sequel to Nintendo’s widely successful Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The game continues Link and Zelda’s saga of saving Hyrule from the great Demon King Ganondorf, leading up to an epic finale.

Tears of the Kingdom offers an abundance of activities to do. While the engaging missions, side quests, puzzles, and exploration will keep you occupied for over 100 hours, you’ll still have much left to do after the game’s main events conclude.

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This includes unlocking bonus content, new map areas, gameplay features, and components. If you’ve just finished the game’s main story, and are wondering what else is left to do in Hyrule, then we’ve got you covered.

Does Zelda: TotK have New Game Plus?

Sadly, Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom does not have a New Game+ feature right now. So, you cannot start a new playthrough with your current skills and inventory intact.

In order to start over from the beginning, you will either have to overwrite your existing save file or start the game on a separate account.

However, the game does allow you to free-roam across Hyrule once the credits stop rolling. And when you do, you’ll find new and exciting ways to unlock the entirety of the Kingdom’s map. That’s why it is definitely worth checking out all the post-game unlockables in Tears of the Kingdom.

All Post-Game Unlockables in Zelda: TotK

Once you’ve reached the conclusion of Tears of the Kingdom’s story, you can still roam around Hyrule’s vast open world and do the following activities:

Complete Side-Quests

You’ll be surprised to know how much there’s still left to do in Hyrule even after you’ve defeated Ganondorf. While side quests are abundantly available in Tears of the Kingdom, some will only unlock after you’ve completed the game’s main story.

Completing the post-game side quests in Tears of the Kingdom is essential for unlocking powerful armor and weapons and increasing your map completion percentage.

Collect All Korok Seeds

Korok Seeds are highly desirable due to their ability to expand Link’s inventory. And Tears of the Kingdom features a whopping 1,000 of them! However, it is almost impossible to track them all down before defeating the Demon King.

That’s because some areas only become accessible during post-game. Moreover, collecting each of these Seeds requires some degree of puzzle-solving. That’s why you can utilize your time by finding all the Korok Seeds when free-roaming across Hyrule.

Discover Shrines

Tears of the Kingdom features 152 Shrines. And just like in Breath of the Wild, you can discover these shrines, solve challenging puzzles, and defeat their guardian bosses to unlock various stat boosts and rewards.

Having said that, some of the Shrine locations only become accessible after completing the main story. That’s why you can venture out to discover every shrine across Hyrule to unlock lucrative rewards and increase your game completion percentage.

Beat Remaining Monsters

Even with the Demon King defeated, the world is not freed of evil. As a true Hero, you can seek out the various monsters and enemies and free Hyrule from all potential threats.

However, keep in mind that the post-game minibosses will be much more challenging than before. That’s why defeating them will yield large rewards and greatly enhance your warrior skills.

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