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Here is a breakdown of every boss you will face in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Link’s saga continues in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, which is a direct sequel to Nintendo’s widely successful Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This time, the Hyrule Kingdom faces the danger of being destroyed by an ancient demon king.

As you embark on a new adventure to save Hyrule, you will face off against many tough opponents. While you might come across some familiar bosses, they will be much more menacing than before.

Luckily, Tears of the Kingdom brings forth a newer, more immersive gameplay experience – allowing Link to utilize his surroundings more freely than ever before. Moreover, you will also have unique skills such as Fuse, Ultrahand, Ascend, and Recall at your disposal.

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With the help of your new abilities and companions, you can take down even the toughest of opponents. To prepare you for this epic adventure, we have listed every boss you will encounter in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, along with tips on defeating them.

All Bosses in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

There are a total of 12 bosses you’ll encounter as part of the main story in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, including the game’s final boss. We have listed all of them below, along with how to defeat them.

Colgera – The Scourge of the Wind Temple

Colgera - The Scourge of the Wind Temple
Credit: Nintendo

Colgera is the guardian of the Wind Temple in Hebra and the dungeon’s final boss. You have to defeat it as part of the Rito Village quest line. Colgera can be fought after unlocking all five hatches of the Legendary Stormwind Ark and powering up all its turbines.

The battle against this flying monstrosity will take place entirely in the sky. This means that the boss fight will heavily feature skydiving and gliding. So you must tactically jump between all the floating structures to avoid accidentally falling to your death.

Despite its overwhelming size, Colgera is a relatively easy boss to defeat. Since the monster is too big to hack away with your sword, you must rely on your bow to target its weak points with your slow-mo shots. The goal is to dive in, break through the three crystal shields on its body, and hit all the purple hearts.

Once Colgera’s health drops by half, the second phase of the battle will begin. And you will need to break through three more crystal shields. But do so carefully, as Colgera’s attack pattern will change to become more aggressive.

At this point, you must maintain some distance to avoid being caught up in one of its tornados. Once defeated, you will also unlock Tulin’s Wind Burst ability as a completion reward.

Queen Gibdo – The Scourge of the Lightning Temple

Queen Gibdo - The Scourge of the Lightning Temple
Credit: Nintendo

Queen Gibdo is a giant moth-type monster that can be found lurking in the depths of the Lightning Temple. You will have to defeat it as part of the Riju of Gerudo Town quest. Like the queen bee of a hive, Queen Gibdo is the mother of all Gibdos you’ve been fending off until now – so be adequately prepared!  

Queen Gibdo’s attack pattern isn’t too problematic in the first phase, as it uses sand-based tornado attacks to impair your vision. You can easily avoid these attacks and stun Queen Gibdo using Riju’s Lightning Strike attacks with your arrows. While vulnerable, you can unleash deadly attacks with your melee weapons.

Once Queen Gibdo’s health drops to half, the second phase of the battle will begin. Now, it will start summoning backup, so things can get a bit messy. Queen Gibdo will summon a Gibdo Mob, which includes four Gibdo Bulbs that keep spawning Gibdo Moths and Gibdo Mummies. You will have to destroy the bulbs quickly with lightning-based attacks.

That said, Riju’s Lightning Strike attacks are the key to winning this battle. So, you must protect her from being hit and losing her charge. Once defeated, you will obtain a Heart Container and Riju’s Vow, allowing you to use the Lightning Strike ability in the open world.

Yunobo – Clearly Not Himself

Yunobo - Clearly Not Himself
Credit: Nintendo

If there’s anything we’ve learned from Jim Carrey’s 1994 hit film, The Mask, it is not to pick up and wear suspicious-looking masks. In most cases, these masks tend to hold mysterious powers that can take control of people’s minds and make them aggressive.

Poor Yunobo falls victim to a similar fate by trustingly putting on a mask Zelda gave him. And now, you’ve been tasked with bringing him back to his senses. You will need to fight him in a hot cave during the Yunobo of Goron City quest, so make sure to put on fire-resistant armor before heading in. The best choice would be the Flamebreaker armor set from Goron City’s armor shop.

The boss fight is fairly simple, so you will not have any trouble defeating him. Yunobo only takes damage when he is stunned, so don’t waste your resources trying to land hits. Instead, wait for him to charge at you with his roll attacks and move away at the right second so that he plows right into the cave walls. Keep doing this a few times so that he stuns himself.

When stunned, charge at him with any attack to drastically cut down his health. His mask will eventually start to crack, so you must repeat this attack pattern a few times until the mask completely crumbles off his face. And now that he’s come back to his senses, he will help you in the next boss fight.

Moragia – Rising from the Death Mountain Crater

Moragia - Rising from the Death Mountain Crater
Credit: Nintendo

This battle won’t directly involve fighting since you’re going up against a literal mountain. Instead, you will have to rely on your Ultrahand ability to maneuver the plane that’s conveniently sitting on the mountaintop.

Since the mountain crater is unbearably hot, you must wear something fire-resistant like the Flamebreaker armor and start climbing up. Once you reach the top, take control of the plane and fly to the top of the mountain.

Moragia has three heads that you need to destroy. And this is where Yunobo comes in. He will roll into a ball and be prepared to launch himself toward the target at your command.

All you need to do is navigate toward the heads and command Yunobo to charge. That said, the heads will launch lava rocks in your direction, too, so you need to dodge those timely. Once defeated, you will be rewarded with the Vow of Yunobo, Sage of Fire.

Marbled Gohma – The Scourge of the Fire Temple

Marbled Gohma - The Scourge of the Fire Temple
Credit: Nintendo

Marbled Gohma is a rock-type boss you must defeat after clearing the Fire Temple puzzle. Gohma somewhat resembles a spider, with its legs and eye being its weak points.

That said, a layer of rock protects Gohma’s body, so you must utilize Yunobo’s charge attacks to break through the protective layer and destroy its legs. However, Gohma will try to stomp on you, so watch out when you see it lifting one of its legs.

Gohma will be stunned when all its legs are destroyed. This is your cue to climb its body and hit its eye with your melee weapon. However, remember that Gohma will occasionally throw rock bombs in your direction. So you need to avoid getting caught in its explosions.

When you enter the second phase of the battle, Gohma will attach itself to the ceiling and start showering you with carefully placed rock bombs to create a rock bomb cage. During this phase, you must break out of the rock bomb cage before it explodes.

As for attacking, you need to aim Yunobo’s Rolling Fireball at the ceiling to stun it. Once Gohma drops down, climb up and hit its eye again. Keep repeating this process until Marbled Gohma is completely defeated.

Sludge Like – The Ambush of Mipha Court

Sludge Like - The Ambush of Mipha Court
Credit: Nintendo

Sludge Like is a mid-level boss you’ll have to defeat as part of the Clues to the Sky main quest. This toxic goo-spewing monster will cover itself with the same sludge, making it difficult to get close to. However, with Sidon by your side, you can defeat it in no time.

This boss fight will require you to utilize Sidon’s Power of Water, which allows you to create a water bubble that can protect you against Sludge Like’s attacks. Moreover, you will also need to imbue your attacks with Sidon’s power to rinse off the enemy’s protective layer.

With its sludge gone, the monster will shoot projectiles and try to chomp down on you. And once it sticks out its purple tongue, you must hit it with your arrow. This will stun your opponent and allow you to unleash a flurry of attacks. Keep repeating this attack pattern until it’s defeated.

Mucktorok – The Scourge of the Water Temple

Mucktorok - The Scourge of the Water Temple
Credit: Nintendo

Mucktorok is a sludge-type monster that is plaguing the Zora Domain. You must defeat it as part of the Sidon of the Zora main quest. The octopus-resembling monster covers itself in a muddy sludge and swims around the battle area, making it as elusive as possible.

As for attack patterns, Mucktorok throws sludge projectiles similar to Sludge-Like’s attacks. Moreover, it will also occasionally sweep the floor with its Sludge Stream. To ensure you don’t get caught within its line of fire, always protect yourself with Sidon’s water bubble shield.

In addition, you will need to hit Mucktorok with water-based attacks to wash away its sludge and reveal its true form. Once stunned, you and your companions must go all out and land as many hits as possible.

Once its health drops by half, the second phase of the battle will begin. During this phase, Mucktorok will try to escape, leaving behind trails of sludge puddles that are intended to slow you down.

You must cleanse the area with water-based attacks and use slow-mo shots with your bow to keep Mucktorok from fleeing. Once stunned, run up to it and unleash a flurry of attacks until it is ultimately defeated.

Phantom Ganon – The Demon King’s Phantom Saboteur

Phantom Ganon - The Demon King's Phantom Saboteur
Credit: Nintendo

Ganon is the main antagonist of this story. So, you can expect him to be the most menacing foe of them all. However, he won’t get his hands dirty just yet. Instead, he will send his dark servant, Phantom Ganon, to finish you off in the Hyrule Castle.

Although you’ll come across plenty of Phantom Ganons across Hyrule, this particular boss fight will be much more chaotic as you’ll have to fight not one but five phantoms at once. This means that all your companions will be busy fighting their battles and unable to help you.

Remember that these phantoms are corrupted by the Gloom, so you’ll inflict a status ailment upon being hit. To prepare for this battle, eating a Sundelion dish beforehand is recommended for building up a Gloom resistance.

The Phantom Ganons will wield a sword, a club, or a spear. So their attack pattern will be different based on the weapon they’re wielding. However, if you manage to climb up to one of the ledges on the sanctum’s top floor, they will switch to a bow. The battle will be easier to win if you can utilize your slow-mo shots and take them down with consecutive headshots.

Seized Construct – The Scourge of the Spirit Temple

Seized Construct - The Scourge of the Spirit Temple
Credit: Nintendo

This boss fight strays from the traditional Legend of Zelda boss fights you’re used to. That’s because you must put your mech suit on to defeat the Seized Construct boss in the depths of the Spirit Temple.

The actual fight will take place in a boxing arena, with electrical barbed wires and a Gloom-infected floor. So, you must ensure to stay on your mech the whole time. Moreover, you should also equip a hand cannon in one hand and a melee weapon in another. The Spiked balls in the arena are the best melee weapon to use in this fight.

Seized Construct mainly focuses on melee-based attacks, making the fight reasonably straightforward. That said, every hit landing on your mech suit will also deplete your health, so you must remain cautious and try to dodge whenever possible.

The key to winning this fight is to rely on your mech suit as much as possible, as the Seized Construct is relatively susceptible to its attacks. Moreover, you can also tackle your opponent and drive it to the arena’s edge to electrocute it. However, it would be best to rely on your hand cannon more in the second half of the battle, as it will start blocking your melee attacks.

Demon King Ganondorf – The Menace Unleashed

Credit: Nintendo

Now, for the final battle, we have the Demon King Ganondorf himself. This fight is broken down into three phases, as each segment features a more powerful Demon King evolution than the last.

Ganondorf will use a range of melee attacks in his Menace Unleashed form. However, his attack pattern will change based on his weapon. His standard attacks include his regular sword lunges and blade projectiles that travel across the ground. Moreover, he will also occasionally jump into the air to perform a super slam.

However, he blocks all your melee attacks. So, the only way to effectively deplete his health is by using ranged attacks with your bow and arrows and dodging his attacks with a perfectly timed Flurry Rush.

Demon King Ganondorf – The Master of the Secret Stone

Credit: Nintendo

Once one-third of Ganondorf’s health is depleted, he will evolve into his Master of the Secret Stone form. This phase itself is separated into two sub-phases.

During the first phase, Ganondorf will summon pesky Phantom Ganons. Your Sage Companions can quickly deal with them. So, all you need to do is to focus on the Demon King himself.

Ganondorf will still use his standard attacks from the first phase, so continue counterattacking with Flurry Rush. However, he will soon enter the second sub-phase, causing his attacks to become more aggressive and hard-hitting than before.

He will use a Spear Thrust on you and send seeker arrow projectiles in your direction. These arrows can track you, so you must run sideways to avoid getting hit. Moreover, he will also unleash fire-based ground slams that cover a wide area.

So, the goal here is to avoid being on the ground when you see him launch his crimson flames. Then, you must close in on him and force him to use melee attacks that you can counterattack with Flurry Rush.

However, he will start blocking your attacks after a while and follow up with his own counter. Launch yourself in the air when this happens, and aim for the head with your bow.

Demon Dragon – The Draconified Demon King

Demon Dragon - The Draconified Demon King
Credit: Nintendo

With two-thirds of his health gone, Ganondorf will consume his Secret Stone and evolve into his Draconified Demon King form. This will be the final battle, so you must be prepared to soar through the sky and slay the Demon Dragon in the name of Hyrule.

This epic showdown will be unlike any other boss encounter you’ve had so far. That’s because the Light Dragon will swoop in to rescue you. And with its help, you can stop Ganondorf once and for all.

With Dragon Zelda by your side, you can reach impossible heights to gain leverage on the Demon Dragon. You must leap off your dragon and dive down to land on the Demon Dragon’s back. He will spit fireballs in your direction, which can be easily avoided.

Once you’ve landed on its back, you’ll be exposed to Gloom, so your health will start to deplete. That’s why you should quickly slash the exposed red “hearts” on its back with your Master Sword and dive down. The Light Dragon will always catch you and cleanse your Gloom status ailment.

You must destroy all the hearts on its back until its forehead starts glowing. Then, you must dive down again and destroy the golden orb on the Demon Dragon’s forehead to annihilate it completely. With this, you’ll have saved Hyrule from Ganondorf’s terror.

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