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Keep reading to learn about all the fruit types from Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Fruits are an essential commodity in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom due to their amazing healing properties. Not only can they be consumed on their own, but they can also be paired with other ingredients to cook delicious meals.

Moreover, some of the fruits you find across Hyrule can boost your resistance to heat, cold, and electricity. Furthermore, they can also be fused with your weapons, armor, and shields to grant additional effects.

For instance, you can imbue your arrows with a Shock Fruit to electrocute enemies or Spicy Pepper to burn them. That’s why it is always recommended to carry a variety of fruits in your inventory.

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While some fruits, such as Apples, are vastly available across Hyrule, others can be tricky to find. To ease your search a little, we have listed all the fruits you can get in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and where to find them.

All Fruit Types in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

All Fruit Types in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Below are all the fruit types in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, along with their spawning locations, effects, and fuse attack power.

NameSpawning Location(s)Healing EffectsAdditional EffectsFuse Attack Power
Shock Fruit– East Necluda 
– Gerudo Desert
Restores 0.25 Heart– Boosts attack power during thunderstorms when cooked with other ingredients
– Shocks Enemies
Dazzlefruit– Inside Caves
– Central Hyrule region
– Hyrule Castle Town Ruins
Restores 0.25 HeartEmits a dazzling light that blinds enemies when smashed on the ground1
Splash Fruit– Lanayru Great Spring
– West Necluda
Restores 0.25 Heart– Enhances swim speed when cooked
– Can be used to rinse off Sludge
Ice FruitHebra Trailend LodgeRestores 0.25 HeartBoosts attack power in cold temperatures when cooked1
Fire Fruit– Lookout Landing
– Riogok Shrine
Restores 0.25 HeartBoosts attack power in hot temperatures when cooked1
Fleet-Lotus SeedsRutile LakeRestores 0.5 HeartBoosts movement speed when cooked1
Mighty BananasTropical forests in FaronRestores 0.5 HeartBoosts attack power when cooked1
VoltfruitGerudo DesertRestores 0.5 Heart– Boosts shock resistance when cooked
– Shocks Enemies
Wildberry– Gerudo Highlands
– Hebra Mountains
Restores 0.5 HeartN/A1
Hydromelon– Gerudo Desert
– Satori Mountain
Restores 0.5 HeartBoosts heat resistance1
Spicy Pepper– Gutanbac Shrine
– Hebra Mountains
– Gerudo Highlands
Restores 0.5 Heart– Boosts heat resistance when cooked
– Applies Burning upon impact
AppleAvailable everywhere across HyruleRestores 0.5 HeartCooking Ingredient1
Golden AppleSonapan Shrine Forest
(-1934, -0370, 0225)
Restores 1.5 Hearts– Cooking Ingredient
– Triggers the Critical Cook effect
Hylian TomatoBatrea Lake ForestRestores 1 HeartIncreases the Hearts restored from cooking food1
Palm Fruit– Gerudo Desert
– East Necluda 
Restores 1 HeartN/A1
All Fruit Types in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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