Yone base splash art has been allegedly leaked

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Image Via Riot Games

The masked assassin is confirmed to be Yone and today his base splash art has been allegedly leaked.

Ever since Riot introduced a masked champion who refuses to die, League players started to make countless theories about who is the champion going to be. And the most reliable theory was the masked champion will be Yasuo’s brother Yone. A couple of months earlier they even did an easter egg where they teased Yone’s sword.

However, after all this speculation, the masked champion is now confirmed to be Yone. Players have already found Yone’s file in the Spirit Blossom skin. And there is a voice line of Thresh’s conversation with Yone, “Worry not Yone, your little brother is safe with me too.”

In the 2020 champion roadmap, Riot announced that they will be releasing two champions in the upcoming summer, they already revealed Lillia but the masked assassin is yet to be announced.

However, ahead of his reveal, on Reddit Yone’s base splash art has already been leaked and he looks gorgeous with an edgy personality. Which leads many fans to wonder whether Yone will be a darkin champion or not. But on twitter, a Riot designer confirmed that Yone will not be a darkin.

Yone splash art

Yone splash art
Image Via u/samurottt

A few days ago, data miners already leaked Yone’s new skin, Spirit Blossom Yone and that look marvelous as well.

Spirit Blossom Yone
Spirit Blossom Yone Via JumaraloHexCore

Yone is yet to announced but fans are predicting that Riot will reveal Yone on July 15.

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