Valkyrie is Too Powerful in The Current Apex Legends Meta and Players Want Her Nerfed

Though Valkyrie has received minor adjustments throughout the Seasons, she still remains one of the most overpowered Legends in the game.

Apex Legends officially introduced Valkyrie in Season 9: Legacy. After her release, Valkyrie instantly became popular among the Apex Legends community because of her versatile abilities. She is originally a Recon character, but her powers are even comparable to Offensive Legends’.

Valkyrie’s abilities give her movement advantage over many Legends. Her capability to take any high ground is out of the world. She can also replace any Offensive Legend pretty easily. There aren’t many Legends who are as versatile as Valkyrie.

Respawn made some tweaks to her abilities since her launch, but they weren’t significant enough to make her not picked by most players. As a result, many players think it is unfair that she gets to keep her overpowered abilities where other Legends received significant nerfs over time.

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Valkyrie Needs Some Tweaks

Valkyrie currently resides in a strong standing compared to any other Legends stat-wise. According to, Valkyrie has a more than 16.5% pick rate among the Master and Predator players around the world.

Even in the highest level of competitive play, Valkyrie replaces any other Legend based on percentage. She had a whopping 96.4% pick rate in the 2021-22 ALGS Pro League S2 Playoffs, which clearly indicates her dominance over the other Legends.

A Reddit user named u/LedClaptrix also thinks the same about Valkyrie. Led put forward all the possible explanations why Valkyrie is Overpowered in the current meta. The post also mentioned Pathfinder’s glorious days where he was similarly a strong contender in the meta.

According to him, if Valkyrie does not receive a notable nerf even after 5 Seasons, Respawn should also return Pathfinder to his former state. The same goes for other characters who received significant nerfs repeatedly over the period.

So, whether we’ll be able to see any changes regarding Valkyrie is still unconfirmed by Devs. But, according to rumors, both Valkyrie and Gibraltar may receive some sort of adjustments after the 2022 ALGS championship takes place.

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