Apex Legends Fans Want to Go On a Strike Following The Continuous Poor Performance of The Game

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By Nazmul Hassan
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Apex Legends players have been frustrated by the continuous demonstrations of issues in the game for a long time. So, they are planning to go on a strike and boycott Apex Legends for a whole month to draw attention from the developers.

Apex Legends is undoubtedly one of the best battle royale games developed by Respawn, the same company behind the creation of the popular Titanfall franchise. The game is published by EA, a multi-billionaire company funding the whole operation.

Apex Legends is an excellent game with lots of exciting features. The game has more than 130 million userbase with 250,000 average concurrent players in the game in Season 13. Apex Legends keeps breaking the old record of having the most concurrent players in almost every new Season.

Despite its popularity and expertise of EA, Apex Legends is failing to satisfy its players. The game is full of bugs and glitches, the servers are not up to the mark, and more problems are there in the game that ruins the players’ experience in most cases.

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Apex Legends Fans Might Go On a Strike

Followed by the countless game and server issues, Apex Legends fans are getting frustrated with the game day by day, and they are planning to go on a strike. The initial idea has been there for a long time now. However, a recent post on Apex Legends Subreddit has escalated the “striking” proposition to a new level.

An Apex Legends fan by the name u/LaughingPrice on Reddit recently addressed the whole issue of Apex legends “running pretty poorly.” He also mentioned major problems such as XBOX input lag, audio bugs, login errors, hit regs, invincible Wraith, Loba bracelets, and more.

Apart from these, countless other exploits, bugs, and server issues remain unresolved in the game. It takes a long time for Respawn to release a fix or sometimes the problems don’t get fixed at all. So, players think that if Apex Legends fans altogether boycott the game for a specific period of time, EA is bound to notice.

When Will The Strike Take Place?

The post received enormous support from the other players who share the same opinion as to the original post author. He initially proposed a one-day strike on Apex Legends and asked players to refrain from playing Apex Legends on that day.

However, with lots of comments and support, fans decided to boycott Apex Legends and not log in to the game for the whole month of August 2022. The players are even spreading the news and #NoApexAugust to share it with other players, pros, and content creators.

If this strike goes through and people actually boycott Apex legends for a whole month, it will be a huge event in Apex’s history. But whether the strike will actually go through or how it will affect the game is still unsure.

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