Respawn Confirms on “Improving Matchmaking” for Current Apex Legends Ranked System

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: EA

The ranked reloaded update in Season 13 caused huge instability in the Apex Legends ecosystem. Respawn heard the community, and they are actively working on it.

Throughout the lifespan of Apex Legends, the ranked system has undergone several revisions and modifications. However, Season 13 ranked reloaded, might have been the biggest one among them. Many minor to substantial changes were made to the new ranked system, which caught many players by surprise.

After the complete rank makeover in Season 13, many players voiced their displeasure with the new system, while others defended it. Whatever the case, the ranked rework changed the original Apex Legends experience in many ways.

The statistics explain why the community is upset with the Season 13 ranked reloaded. After 20 days of the new ranked system going live, 95% of the total player base was stuck in Gold 2 or below. Even high ELO players were having trouble adjusting to the new system, as after 14 days of hard grinding, only 559 players reached Predator rank on all 4 Platforms combined.

Because of this unusual rank distribution, the lower-ranked players are getting queued against high ELO players. This is causing many players to stop grinding the new ranked Split and others to switch to regular BR. As a result, the standard BR also became much sweatier, and many people are now calling it a ranked 2.0.

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Respawn Wants to Improve Matchmaking

Undoubtedly, the community is not very happy with the current state of Apex Legends. Even pro players like ImperialHal and Sweetdreams shared their concerns regarding the current rank matchmaking.

However, it seems that Respawn will not let this issue go unattended. A recent interview between Respawn and The Loadout brought some crucial insights to light. Apex’s design director, Evan Nikolich, shared his thoughts regarding the current state of rank and Respawn’s plan for upcoming rank changes.

Respawn Wants to Improve Matchmaking
Credit: EA

According to Evan, Apex Legends is heading in the right direction with the ranked system. However, there is room for improvement, and they follow the community’s feedback closely. Likewise, the major complaint regarding the ranked reloaded is the uneven matchmaking.

Respawn is aware that the current Apex Legends rank distribution is too uneven. In Evan’s words,

“we have a number of high-skilled players sitting in lower ranks for too long. We need to get better at separating out the skill tiers faster, and the team is actively working on improving it.”

His interview with The Loadout indicates that Respawn has plans for modifying the ranked system further. Although there haven’t been any clear indications of when Respawn will make these changes, judging by the interview and the current state of Apex Legends, we can expect it to happen at the beginning of Season 14.

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