Apex Legends Fans Want Respawn To Add A Simple Change With Caustic’s Barrels

Caustic is a robust defensive Legend in the game. However, his Gas Traps sometimes cause confusion among his teammates rather than helping them, leading to some unfortunate losses.

Caustic is one of the first characters to receive a slot in the initial eight-legends roster. He wasn’t a very popular character among the players at the beginning of Apex Legends. However, throughout the Seasons, he received some significant buffs, making him one of the best legends in the game.

He can fortify any building or tight space with his Nox Gas Traps. Once you’re done setting up a building with Caustic’s barrels, it gets almost impossible to infiltrate. However, things start to get awry when there’s an enemy Caustic in the play.

When countless Caustic Traps are thrown at each other, the situation gets very chaotic in the heat of a moment. Even though the Caustics remain unaffected by the Gas, their teammates are the ones who suffer the fatal consequences. Because of this, fans have been asking Respawn for a small Caustic Barrel adjustment for a long time.

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Caustic’s Gas Traps Change

Though the current state of Caustic falls in a favorable position. A simple change in Caustic’s Gas Traps would make him a better team player. And, a Reddit user called u/Lazer93 has the perfect idea for this.

Lazer93 wants Respawn to add a distinguishable color to Caustic’s barrels. So if you see any barrels with Red color on them, you’ll immediately know it’s from an enemy Caustic. This small feature will also prevent players from shooting Caustic teammates’ barrels by mistake.

The idea also makes sense because Wattson and Gibraltar get different colored Tacticals. Players have been calling out Respawn and asking to add this feature for a long time. However, Respawn hasn’t responded to anything regarding this. But, adding this feature will surely help out the Caustics a lot.

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