How To Upgrade Weapons and Armor in Final Fantasy 16

Akib Aditya Khan
By Akib Aditya Khan
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Here is how to upgrade your weapon and armor in Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16 has just dropped as the latest edition of the famous Final Fantasy franchise. This new installment includes a lot of combat, just like its predecessors. Combat takes up the majority of the gameplay of all the Final Fantasy titles. To make the combat mechanics of the game more interesting, there is an option of crafting and upgrading weapons for the players.

Players must use weapons and armor throughout the game as these are the core part of combat in this game. However, throughout the game, there will be several situations in which players must upgrade these items to keep up with the challenging enemies that they will come against. In this article, we will show you how to upgrade your weapons and armor in Final Fantasy 16.

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Find Out the Blacksmith to Upgrade Weapon & Armor

For both crafting and upgrading, you will have to take the help of Blackthorne, the blacksmith. You have to visit the forge of the blacksmith called The Black Hammer in his hideout in the central hub area. This will unlock for you in the game after you meet Cid in the quest “A Chance Encounter.”

To upgrade a weapon or armor, you will have to go to the Reinforce menu by pressing L2 or R2. From there, select the weapon and armor you want to upgrade. Keep in mind that you will need to acquire certain materials for upgrading any weapon or armor. The new effects after the completion of the upgrade will be shown on the screen. So choose the upgrade wisely by evaluating your situation and your play style.

While at the hideout, interact with the blacksmith again to find out if you have any new crafts or upgrades available. Upgrades are a vital part of the gameplay in Final Fantasy 16 to make yourself stronger to go against the stronger opponents that you will face throughout the combats.

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