All Weapons in Final Fantasy 16 (FF16)

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Final Fantasy 16 has quite a few weapons for the players to choose from. So here we have listed all the weapons you can find in the game and their stats.

Final Fantasy 16 takes a bit different approach compared to the other games in the franchise. In this game, you will not be controlling a party at any point. Instead, you will play with the main character of the game, Clive Rosfield. As you progress through the game, you will gain new gears, including different swords.

The swords in Final Fantasy 16 are delightful, and they also provide high attack power that makes Clive formidable on the battleground. So getting a new sword is always a gripping experience. Since you will only be playing as one single character, the devs have added a number of swords to the game. Here we have listed all the swords you can find in your playthrough of Final Fantasy 16.

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All Available Weapons in FF16

Not all weapons can be obtained by completing the main quests. Actually, some of the best weapons can be only obtained by doing long quest chains in the game. The game marks the important side quests with a “+” icon. A “+” icon means that the quest will give you some valuable loots once you are done with it. Here are all the swords in Final Fantasy 16.

WeaponAttack & Stagger
Sparring Sword55
Rosarian Oath55
Imperial Infantry Blade75
Bastard Sword110
Gaia Blade140
Platinum Sword200
Enhancer230 Attack
215 Stagger
Diamond Sword245
Rune Blade275
Coral Sword185
Ancient Sword252
Ultima Weapon700
Blood Sword130

Some of these swords can be upgraded to +1 and +2, while you cannot upgrade the others. So make sure to check whether you can upgrade it or not after getting a sword to get the maximum out of your weapon.

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