League of Legends Upcoming Champion Rework Schedule (2023)

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Here is the schedule Riot is going to release Champion Reworks in 2023.

Champion Reworks has been something Riot has committed to in League of Legends. While in most situations, reworks are the last resort for Riot. They still do it to reinvigorate the fanbases for those champions. Before that, Riot still does major updates to champions like the Annie and Kassadin changes in this Season.

There have been many reworks this year, with many more coming. So far, the Jax, Azir, Zeri, and Aurelion Sol reworks have found the most success, while the Tahm Kench and Dr. Mundo also received some ability changes. In terms of reworks coming, the Kayle, Neeko, Ivern, Skarner, and Rell ones are in the works.

With that said, there are a lot of reworks coming to League of Legends. Thus, this is the best time to talk about the order of releases. Fortunately, Riot Yasuna has mentioned the order for the release to come soon, given the current status of the reworks. Here is what we know about it.

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LoL Champion Rework Schedule

As per Riot Yasuna, this is the current tentative release order for the coming reworks. Spideraxe shared the Reddit comment on Twitter.

The order for the updates is tentative, but this is based on the work that Riot has done. Riot Yasuna clarifies that as well as they will be released when ready, but the order should be as follows.

  1. Neeko
  2. Rell
  3. Ivern
  4. Skarner

There is no mention of the Kayle Rework, so that might not be a rework and more of a usual update. We will have to see how that pans out. Let’s talk about the reworks briefly.


It has been known for quite a while that a Neeko rework is coming. Riot has talked about it for a long while of being in the works. In the very recent video comments, Riot Brightmoon mentioned that the Neeko update ran into tech problems, so it has been delayed since then. However, given how long Riot has been working on it, Neeko midscope should be the next one to come out soon.

All we know about her rework is that her passive will be expanded to allow Neeko to transfer into plants, wards, and more. So, there will be more to come out soon, but this will make Neeko more sneaky. This will be an interesting change to come to Neeko soon.

As per our knowledge, the Neeko rework is targeted for Spring 2023. The exact date is not known, but that is going to take a while, it seems.


Next up is the Iron Maiden, Rell, who is getting a much needed rework. She is in a tough spot as many players do not play the champion, and Riot needs to reinvent this champion a bit. Her current kit is too reliant on her landing W, which can be pretty hard to do at a high level. Thus, Riot talked about her getting a midscope on a new dev blog.

Riot laid out the points that they want to change about Rell. They want to give the mount and dismount mechanic more of an oomph while giving her more options to engage even when dismounted. Also, there will be some QoL stuff to top it off. That sounds good, and I, for one, am curious to see how Riot does it.

An exact date or timeline was not given for the Rell midscope. However, given we have knowledge of a tentative timeline, Rell midscope should be expected after the release of the Neeko mini-rework.


Next, we have Ivern. While the above two midscopes have more details, the Ivern update is still fairly unknown. The most we know about Ivern is getting some usability changes for Daisy. This indicates changes to his R and more in the future. As mentioned, we do not know much about what they are targeting with the Ivern midscope.

The release date for Ivern is completely up in the air. Thus, we should not expect it anytime soon. It is nice to see Riot pay attention to certain champions, but there are still many more champions like that in League of Legends, and it will be a tall order to get them fixed and ready to go.


Lastly, we have Skarner, the VGU we have been waiting for. He has been in the works for a really long time, and it seems Riot is having a bit of trouble with it. In a recent dev blog about the Skarner VGU, they mentioned a lot about the theme that they want to go for and more. It is a lot that Riot is taking into account.

So far, we only know of the new ultimate that can pull multiple targets whether Skarner wishes. That is definitely an interesting change and one to look forward to. As for the release date, we have no idea when that is coming. However, the Skarner VGU team mentioned that they would share more in the months to come. This signals that we are quite a bit away from a new identity for Skarner. So all players will need to wait longer to experience the new Skarner in League of Legends.

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