Kayle Mini-Rework 2023: Ability Changes, Release Date, and More

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

The lead champion designer for League of Legends has confirmed that Kayle will receive a mini-rework.

There are more than 160 unique champions in League of Legends. Not only that, some of the champions were released back in 2009. Usually, Riot will opt for usual buffs and nerfs to make the game balanced and fun to play. But often, some champions will be unplayable or outdated to play with. Riot will opt for reworks for those champions to try and fix them.

Since 2012, Riot has been trying to rework champions and bring them back into the meta. The first champion who received a proper rework was Kayle.

Kayle was initially released in League of Legends in 2009. Even at that time, she was very unpopular compared to her peers. Because of her unpopularity, Riot eventually gave her a full VGU in early 2019.

The VGU was an overall success as it solidified Kayle as a late-game hyper-carry. In the early game, Kayle is one of the weakest champions. But once she reaches a high enough level, she becomes one of the strongest champions in the entire game. Furthermore, Kayle is very versatile, as she can build both AD and AP or go hybrid if she chooses.

However, although she is much healthier than her pre-rework state, she still doesn’t get high pick rates in the solo queue. The primary problem is that she isn’t strong early in the game, and for her to be relevant, the game has to go on for a long time. But unfortunately, the game often ends before she even reaches her power spike. Moreover, her kit isn’t even adequately suited for the early game.

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Kayle Mini-Rework

Recently on Twitter, the lead champion designer of League of Legends, Riot August, showed an exciting change for Kayle. In this Kayle change, she can use her auto attack while in her ult state.

Kayle’s ultimate – Divine Judgment grants herself or a targeted ally invulnerability for a couple of seconds. During that period, Kayle could not use her auto attacks. However, after that brief period, she deals damage around herself or the targeted ally with magic damage. Moreover, the magic damage not only scales with AP but also with AD as well.

With this rework, she can be much more potent after unlocking her ultimate. Not only that, once she reaches level 16, she can be much stronger as she can safely dive into enemy territory with minimal risk.

As the testing felt generally healthy, Riot August confirmed that the ult changes are coming. However, it will take time as they must make new VFX, SFX, and animations to complement the change. Moreover, Riot also has to make new SFX and VFX for each skin. So overall, we have to wait for a couple of months before seeing her on the live servers.

But in the meantime, while Riot is working on the ult changes, they have decided to give her some significant buffs in the recent patch 13.3.

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