LoL Neeko Mini-Rework Passive Revealed

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Riot has revealed one of the abilities of Mini-rework Neeko.

In League of Legends, there are various types of champion reworks. Some of the popular ones are VGU (Visual and Gameplay Update), ASU (Art and Sustainability Update), CGU (Comprehensive Gameplay Update), and mid-scope updates or mini-reworks.

Mini-reworks change the champion’s kit without changing their visuals. Furthermore, that way, these champions can still be playable in both casual and ranked environments. Many champions received a mini-rework last season or in 2022. Some of these champions are  Tahm KenchZeri, Sivir, etc. Moreover, many champions are slated to receive a mini-rework, like Rell, Jax, and Neeko.

While we knew Jax’s mini rework would release in patch 13.1, up until recently, fans knew little about Neeko’s mid-scope update.

Recently, Riot Games released their video about League of Legends season 2023. Alongside that video, Riot released three other dev logs detailing certain aspects of the game. One of those videos is about mid-scope updates.

In the mid-scope video, Riot revealed why they do mini-reworks and how they do it. Furthermore, they also unveiled how long it takes them to release a mid-scope update for a champion. While they were sharing their philosophy about various mid-scope updates, in the end, they teased a lot about Neeko’s upcoming mini-rework.

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YouTube video

Neeko Mini-Rework

Although Riot did not share much about the rework in that video, they did share what Neeko’s new passive will be like.

Neeko’s current passive is Inherent Glamour. It allows Neeko to disguise herself as any one of her allies. Furthermore, she can use her auto attacks at her opponents while disguised. But when she receives damage or casts an ability deactivates her disguise. This passive is the most iconic ability of Neeko.

Now instead of just turning herself into her allies, Neeko can disguise herself into a ward, minion, plant, mushroom, and almost everything. Moreover, she can still disguise herself as one of her allies. It is similar to one of the bugs Neeko recently encountered, where she can turn into any “units” in League of Legends.

While Riot still hasn’t revealed much about Neeko’s mid-scope update. From what we can see, she will be an extremely strong pick, especially for those who already main Neeko.

Release Date

Riot hasn’t revealed the exact date on when Neeko’s mini-rework will release. But we can be certain it will release sometime after Jax’s Mini-reworks release.

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