Top 20 Players At LoL Worlds 2023

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Here is our top 20 players list for LoL Worlds 2023.

Worlds 2023 is set to start really soon as League of Legends will start its biggest tournament. Teams are getting ready to compete in all the stages of the tournament to get the trophy. Also, a ton of content will be live soon for players and fans to get.

All of that content consists of the Worlds 2023 skin, the Worlds 2023 Event, the Coven skin line barring Syndra, Worlds 2023 Renekton, Worlds Unlocked, and more. Also, the Worlds song is out with a ton of references as it follows Deft’s journey to his first Worlds trophy.

That said, we are building up to the tournament as we have the top 5 lists out for the different lanes of the game (Top, Jungle, Mid, AD Carry, and Support). With all those lists out, we decided to make a cumulative list of the top 20 players at Worlds 2023, and this is what we came up with.

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Honorable Mentions

Before we get to the main list, here are some honorable mentions.

Faker (Mid Lane, T1)

Faker (T1)
Image Credit: lol Esports, Faker

The biggest omission on the list will be Faker. While he is insanely popular and instrumental as a players, individually his performances have not been that great this year. That is not to say he is not influential anymore.

Faker’s presence makes T1 better. This is clearly evident in the Summer Split and i don’t anyone will argue that. However, given this is a list that takes individual performances into account, it would be unfair to other better performing players to put Faker on the list when he has not had a great season individually.

Nevertheless, Faker will still be a big player to watch this year and we will still be watching him drive his team to success.

Xun (Jungler, Bilibili Gaming)

xun worlds 2023
Image Credits: Riot Games, XUN

BLG’s jungler Xun just misses the list as Weiwei has been a better performing jungler as of late. He is still one of the best junglers this entire year and makes the plays for BLG. He will still be great at Worlds 2023 but individually, he has not been as great recently.

However, we expect to see a better version of him in the tournament as BLG will attempt to make a run for the trophy.

Mikyx (Support, G2 Esports)

Image Credits: Riot Games, mikyx

If any Western player came close to this list, it would be Mikyx. He falls short considering the incredible players that are on this list. Mikyx has been G2’s best player for a while and he makes so many pivotal plays for the team.

It is a case of Asian players dominating the list but Mikyx certainly makes his case as one of the best Supports in the league. G2 will look to push to go further into the tournament and Mikyx will be a huge part of that.


Image Credit: LoLEsports, Yagao

It was fairly hard to leave out Yagao on this list after the year he has had thus far. He has come a long way since his days on JDG. He is just an incredibly consistent player that knows how to make plays for the team.

His shortcomings do pop up from time to time but that does not change how he can be such a huge positive in games. Misses out of the list but will still be a huge part of BLG’s success.

Doran (Top Laner, Gen.G)

Doran (Gen.G)

Being the weakest link is often a really bad thing but Doran puts a little bit of shine on it on Gen.G. He has gotten better and better the entire year and has shown he can adapt to the meta. Also, he does perform higher than his level at times as of late, particularly against Zeus.

He has gotten a lot of flak from the community for his performances. However, considering his recent performances, that should not be the case anymore.

The Top 20 Players List

This list has been made with all our LoL Writers’ opinions and our top 5 lists. With that out of the way, this is our top 20 players list for Worlds 2023.

20. Weiwei (Jungle, Weibo Gaming)

Image Credits: Weibo, Weiwei

As the last addition on this list, its Weiwei from Weibo Gaming. His impact on the team is apparent and clear as day. When he subbed onto the team, it was instant effect with the team performing better.

This current meta suits him quite a bit and expect Weiwei to have some really good performances in the tournament. That said, he and Xiaohu are the key to Weibo’s success.

19. Elk (AD Carry, Bilibili Gaming)

Elk (Bilibili Gaming)
Image Credit: Lol Esports, ELk

Elk has been one of the most consistent players in the LPL. He was the pick for China in the ADC spot and has been arguably one of the best ADC’s in the LPL. However, there are two players who eclipse him in the region with many others like Peyz and Gumayusi, who have performed better than him individually.

He still remains one of the most important players for BLG and often does not get enough credit as a player. That said, whenever Elk tends to fail in lane, his team does not quite measure up as much. So with BLG’s success largely relying on their solo lanes, Elk is a big part of the team and certainly deserves the recognition.

18. Zeus (Top Laner, T1)

Zeus (T1)

Many will argue Zeus is lower but what puts him lower is his impact during big games. He tends to fall a little short at times, especially when the pressure is on him.

It is up to Zeus to prove he can stand up when the pressure is on. He has all the mechanical ability and prowess a top laner needs but now is the time to show it when it matters most. If he can, he easily makes a case for being the best top laner in the world.

17. BDD (Mid Lane, KT Rolster)

BDD (KT Rolster)
Image Credit: Lol Esports, BDD

Easily KT’s best player this season, he has been incredibly consistent as a mid laner. BDD has often made sure KT can win games through his ability to position right and deal consistent damage.

For the many years he has played, his versatility and consistency is one KT relies on. If KT is to go far, BDD will take them there.

16. Tarzan (Jungle, LNG Esports)

lng tarzan
Image Credits: Riot Games, Tarzan

If you want a consistent jungler, Tarzan is what you are looking for. He has been incredibly consistent throughout the Summer and has been that stable energy that LNG needs. Him pairing up with Scout has been a good recipe for success.

He is incredibly consistent as a jungler compared to some of his other counterparts on this list, but he tends to lack a bit of that X Factor in big games. If he can step up to the plate, LNG can do something special with Tarzan, Scout and GALA.

15. ON (Support, Bilibili Gaming)

blg on worlds 2023
Image Credits: BLG, ON

What a season ON is having thus far. So far gone are the Weibo Gaming days where ON was just good or raw. Now, he has come into his own, making huge plays for BLG. He deserves all the praise he gets in the LPL.

Moving forward, he has to show more of that on the international stage as he is still new to it. ON has a lot of upside and could very well make a name for himself at Worlds 2023.

14. Gumayusi (AD Carry, T1)

Gumayusi (T1)
Image Credit: Lol Esports, Gumayusi

T1’s season was very up and down, but Gumayusi was not that. If there were games that T1 won, it was a lot due to how Guma was performing. He has gotten a lot more consistent over time and it clearly shows that the team relies on him.

The playoffs run alone signals how much they trust Guma to carry. He is still an excellent AD Carry and is one of the few keys to T1’s success.

13. Peyz (AD Carry, Gen.G)

Peyz (Gen.G)
Image Credit: Lol Esports, Peyz

The sensational Rookie ADC that joined Gen.G made a name for himself fairly quick. While he was an excellent ADC in Spring, he dipped a little in Summer. However, with how consistent he is, his gameplay still remained very impactful.

What works really well for him in Gen.G is that he doesn’t have a lot of pressure on him. Gen.G likes to put him in a position so he can just farm and get stronger. So, with no pressure on him, that has made the Rookie very comfortable. He has a lot of upside going forward but there is still a fair way to go for him to be at the top of the ADC rankings.

12. Delight (Support, Gen.G)

Image Credits: Riot Games, Delight

Boy, did Delight turn it on in Summer. He has incrementally gotten better as a player this year and is doing so much for his team. Especially in Summer, he combined with Peanut in the Playoffs and Regular Season to make so many plays.

Many would say he even deserved Summer Finals MVP with the performance he gave. Early on, people would have said that Peyz is the better of the duo but it is really nip and tuck with Delight edging out for his Summer performance.

11. Missing (Support, JD Gaming)

missing worlds 2023
Image Credits: Riot Games, Missing

He is the unsung member of JDG. Missing is overshadowed by his laning partner Ruler and the rest of the team. However, everyone forgets how good Missing his. Paired with Ruler, they win almost every lane in isolation.

With how quickly they have gotten better and how versatile Missing is as a player, he is very much the best Support in League of Legends for now.

10. Bin (Top Laner, Bilibili Gaming)

Bin (Bilibili Gaming)

While his performances tapered off late into Summer, this guy is insane at bullying top laners. His carrying ability makes him a formidable foe and teams have to be on their toes when they face him.

This meta is also a good fit for him considering Jax is the biggest pick in his arsenal. Also, he has become more and more consistent over time. Bin is definitely one of the top players to watch out for this Worlds.

9. 369 (Top Laner, JD Gaming)

369 (JD Gaming)

It is quite hard to separate Bin and 369 as top laners in terms of ranking. However, given how consistent 369 is, we are going to give him the nod. Thus, the word to describe 369 would be “stalwart”.

369 is one of the most versatile and steady top laners in the game. He will hold the lane or get advantages and help out the team. His prowess in teamfights is what sets him apart. Overall, he is the consistent and solid top laner that every team wants. However, what he lacks at times is that X Factor.

8. Peanut (Jungle, Gen.G)

peanut worlds 2023
Image Credits: Riot Games, Peanut

Peanut is simply the engine that runs Gen.G. Chovy is the big missile while Peanut is the fuel. He orchestrates everything on that team, from shotcalling to making plays. His chaotic style of play leaves opponents guessing.

The best aspect of Peanut’s playstyle is the fact that he will find unique ways to gank players and catch opponents off guard. With the use of his mind and combined with solid mechanics, he is one of the best field generals we can have in League of Legends.

7. Xiaohu (Mid Lane, Weibo Gaming)

Xiaohu (Weibo Gaming)
Image Credit: Lol Esports, Xiaohu

For years, Xiaohu has been one of the players at the top of the tree. He has proven that he is an excellent player in two different roles. This year, he is the reason Weibo Gaming is at Worlds 2023.

His consistent performances in Summer and the big plays during the Regionals made this team come to Worlds. There is a fair bit of overlooking when it comes to Xiaohu, but we should see the best of him in the tournament.

6. Scout (Mid Lane, LNG Esports)

Scout (LNG Esports)
Image Credit: Lol Esports, Scout

Scout and Xiaohu are really close when it comes to ranking mid laner. But, we are going to give Scout the nod as he has been one of the most consistent mid-laners for a long time. In LNG, he is doing pretty much the same thing this year.

He has been consistently good and finally found huge success in Summer 2023. The team galvanized around GALA and Scout, and they are now at Worlds 2023. While he is out of the top 5 for this list, there is no question Scout could easily be one of the best players on the Rift on any given day.

5. GALA (AD Carry, LNG Esports)

GALA (LNG Esports)
Image Credit: Lol Esports, Gala

Since the introduction of GALA in LNG, they have skyrocketed to prominence. Going that far to beating JDG does a lot for the team’s confidence. However, it is not a coincidence that this all came together after GALA joined the team.

He has given LNG what they need: someone who can consistently carry games. With him, Scout, and Tarzan as the big trio, this will be an interesting tournament for LNG.

4. knight (Mid Lane, JD Gaming)

knight (JD Gaming)
Image Credit: lol Esports, knight

While Chovy is the best mid-laner overall, knight is the best mid-laner in the LPL. His individual performances are excellent, and he is the most consistent mid laners for the most part. What docks point off of knight is that he has an insane team around him.

JDG is stacked to the core, with all their players being some of the best in their roles. So, knight can perform with almost zero pressure on him. The question becomes in terms of knight as to whether he can perform at Worlds. He has failed in the past, but this is a new team that can take him to the promised land.

3. Kanavi (Jungle, JD Gaming)

Image Credits: Riot Games, Kanavi

If you are looking for the best jungler in League of Legends, look no further than Kanavi. The man can do it all. Be it facilitating or carrying, Kanavi has become a pillar of JDG. His style of play dictates what JDG does, and he has all the options in the world to pick from.

No one comes near to his level as a jungler at the moment. With all the laners and his unusual picks at his disposal, Kanavi is a joy to watch.

2. Chovy (Mid Lane, Gen.G)

Chovy (Gen.G)
Image Credit: lol Esports, Chovy

When you look at a team like Gen.G, you see a lot of things. However, what shines most is Chovy in the mid-lane. His mechanical prowess is something to be in awe of, and he keeps getting better at other aspects of the game. He has been at the pinnacle of being the best mid-laner for a long time.

His individual performances put him in 2nd, but he has to prove that he can perform on the international stage. That’s what we are all waiting to see.

1. Ruler (AD Carry, JD Gaming)

Ruler (JD Gaming)
Image Credit: Lol Esports, Ruler

After such a long run on Gen.G as one of the best AD Carry players ever, Ruler decided to take on a new challenge. A challenge that would take him to the LPL. JDG engineered a super team with Ruler as the big import coming into the team. It has paid dividends thus far, with 2 LPL titles and 1 MSI trophy under their belt.

Ruler has been one of the most consistent AD Carries of all time. This year, he has proven to us on every occasion that he is a level above his counterparts. Not only that, with the recent Asian Games win, he proved that he is better than almost every player in the World right now. A few MVPs should be a good signal of that.

Now, Ruler wants to put another feather in his cap by winning his 2nd Worlds trophy. Not only would this be a huge achievement of winning all the possible cups he has won this year, it would also make him possibly the best AD Carry ever. The Golden Road awaits for him.

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