Top Five Top Laners at LoL Worlds 2023

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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With Worlds 2023 fast approaching, let’s rank the top five Top Laners participating in the event.

Of the five roles League of Legends has, Top Lane is one of the most important roles, especially in competitive play. It is a very versatile role that requires players to play Carry Champions or Tank Champions, depending on the team’s needs. It is also an isolated lane and thus requires a tremendous amount of mechanical skill to manage the lane properly.

That said, the 2023 League of Legends World Championship is almost here. Starting on October 11, Twenty-Two of the best teams worldwide will be competing for the title of the World Champions. The Top Laners of these teams will go head to head to find out who would be the best Top Laners in the World.

Before their eventual clash on the Worlds stage, let’s find out which of these talented Juggernauts of Top Lane would come out on top. So, here are our rankings for the top five Top Laners at Worlds 2023

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Top Five Top Laners At Worlds 2023

Here are our top five best Top Laners for the upcoming Worlds 2023,

5. Zika (LNG Esports)

Zika (LNG Esports)

At number five of our list, we have Zika, the Top Laner for LNG Esports. The 20-year-old joined LNG Esports in December of last year, and since joining, he has been performing very well. He is highly versatile, as he can pilot both Carry Champions and Tanks, depending on the team’s needs.

4. Doran (Gen.G)

Doran (Gen.G)

The 2023 season was probably one of the best splits of his career, winning both the LCK 2023 Spring and Summer Split. Since joining Gen.G in 2022, Doran has been steadily improving and is looking to improve even further.

Doran, who was once known for only picking Tank champions, has started diversifying his champion pool and started playing Carry Champions. In addition to playing Carry Champions, he remains a great team fighter.

3. Zeus (T1)

Zeus (T1)

Both Doran and Zeus are very close when it comes to skill, but the thing that gives Zeus the edge is his versatility. Zeus can pilot both Carry Champion and Tanks, and he has a deep champion pool. He probably has one of the biggest champion pools out of all the Top Laners in the tournament. Apart from the usual Jayce and Gnars, he can play unique picks like Yone, Graves, and Zac in the Top Lanes.

Thus, he takes the Number 3 spot on our list.

2. Bin (Bilibili Gaming)

Bin (Bilibili Gaming)

Bilibili Gaming’s Top Laner, Bin, is regarded by many as the best carry Top laners in LPL. Since his impressive showing in the 2020 World Championship, the 21-year-old has steadily kept improving.

Now, 2023 is looking like his best year yet. Bin this year has diversified his playstyle and champion pool. In addition to playing Carry Champions, he has started to play more Tank Champions.

1. 369 (JD Gaming)

369 (JD Gaming)

JD Gaming’s Top laner, Bai “369” Jia-Hao,” is probably the best Top laner in the World. His incredible performance and victory in MSI 2023 have clearly solidified his spot.

369 is very consistent and versatile, even among LPL Top Laners. He can play both Carry Champions and Tanks, depending on the team’s needs. Not only that, he is a beast when it comes to team fighting.

Thus, he takes the number one spot on our list.

Honorable Mentions

Kiin (KT Rolster)

Kiin (KT Rolster)

The KT Rolster, Top Laner, Kiin, is probably one of the most underrated Top Laners in Worlds 2023. For the last couple of years, the player has consistently been one of the best Top Laners in LCk. But because of his team, he hasn’t been able to show his prowess on the International stage. Now, for the first time after 2018, he is back on the International stage and is looking to make a deep run.

TheShy (Weibo Gaming)

TheShy (Weibo Gaming)

The 2018 Worlds Champion Top Laner is finally back on the Worlds stage. This time, he is looking to claim another title along with his new team, Weibo Gaming.

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