Worlds 2023 Song GODS: All Easter Eggs & References

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Image Credits: Riot Games

As the Worlds 2023 song GODS (ft. NewJeans) is finally released, here are all the easter eggs and references.

The Worlds song is an integral part of League of Legends. Every year, weeks before the beginning of the League of Legends World Championship, Riot releases a Worlds song to hype up the event.

Since 2014 with Warriors by Imagine Dragon, it has been a tradition for Riot to release a song for Worlds annually. Last year, we got Star Walkin’ by Lil Nas X. While the song itself was great, it didn’t have the hype like the previous Worlds song.

As Worlds 2023 is on the horizon, Riot has finally released the Worlds 2023 song GODS in collaboration with NewJeans.

Similar to all previous Worlds songs, GODS also has a lot of easter eggs and references. So here is all of them.

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GODS (ft. NewJeans) All Easter Eggs & References

Deft’s School Days – Worlds 2013

Unlike Star Walkin’, GODS follows a cohesive story. In it, we follow the story of Deft (Former DRX player). In his story, he starts out as a high schooler. And in his high school, we can also see Faker. Faker and Deft used to attend the same school. However, Faker and Deft were in different grades.

deft faker gods
Image Credits: Riot Games; Faker & Deft

Then we see Deft trying to beat a blue buff as Ezreal. While Faker, on the other hand, easily kills Baron by himself. This Faker part signifies his amazing play from season 3.

faker zed
Image Credits: Riot Games; Faker as Zed

In the next sequence, there are some easter eggs like an old League of Legends poster, some champion plushies, and an alpaca plushie.

Also, above the monitor, we can see the Worlds 2013 poster. In that tournament, Faker won the tournament, and Deft couldn’t compete.

Worlds 2014

Later, Deft got into Worlds 2014 with his signature Ezreal and Lucian. He was playing for Samsung Blue at the time. However, in that tournament, he lost against PawN’s Jayce, who later went on to win that event.

deft pawn
Image Credits: Riot Games; Deft as Lucian & PawN as Jayce

Worlds 2015

In the next, we see Deft competing alongside Meiko for EDG. However, we can see both of them lose against Rekkles’ Kennen.

Then we see Deft getting hit by a barrage of different abilities, signifying that he would get eliminated in almost all future Worlds.

deft gods easter eggs
Image Credits: Riot Games

Worlds 2020

In 2020, we can see Deft playing as the hyperscaling Senna. He is joined by his former teammates Doran and Keria.

doran renekton
Image Credits: Riot Games; Doran as Jax
keria braum
Image Credits: Riot Games; Keria as Braum

However, despite their best effort, they were beaten by Damnwon in the quarterfinals. We can see Canyon and Showmaker representing Damwon.

Image Credits: Riot Games; Showmaker as Syndra
canyon graves
Image Credits: Riot Games; Canyon as Graves

After the losses, Deft falls into a dark place, as everyone thought Deft was just washed out because of his underperformance.

deft gods
Image Credits: Riot Games

Then he gets pulled out from the depths, thanks to the miracle DRX roster from last year. The players here besides Deft are Zeka, Pyosik, Beryl, and Kingen.

drx 2022 roster
Image Credits: Riot Games

Worlds 2022

The DRX roster joins the Worlds 2022 tournament from the bottom. It was expected as they were the underdogs.

drx worlds 2022 roster
Image Credits: Riot Games

The roster gets greeted by EDG Meiko, Deft’s former teammate.

meiko renata glasc
Image Credits: Riot Games; Meiko as Renata Glasc

Next up, Deft faces off against Gen.G Doran. He was also Deft’s former teammate. Deft was able to beat him with his Varus.

doran renekton
Image Credits: Riot Games; Doran as ReNekton

Then Deft climbs up to the top, symbolizing DRX reaching the grand finale. Up there, he meets his former teammate Keria, who at the time was part of T1.

keria karma
Image Credits: Riot Games; Keria as Karma

When Deft goes to finish him off, Faker goes in and saves his teammate Keria.

faker viktor
Image Credits: Riot Games; Faker as Viktor

When Faker tries to finish Deft off, his teammates teleports in to save the day. This represents that Deft isn’t alone in this fight. Here are all the DRX players and their champions:

  • Deft as Caitlyn
  • Zeka as Azir
  • Pyosik as Hecarim
  • Beryl as Bard
  • Kingen as Aatrox
drx team
Image Credits: Riot Games

With the final showdown, DRX wins Worlds 2022.

worlds 2022 winners
Image Credits: Riot Games

Looking Beyond, Worlds 2023

Finally, we see various players looking forward to Worlds 2023.

  • Ayu (FURIA)
  • Hans Sama (G2)
hans sama gods
Image Credits: Riot Games; Ayu & Hans Sama
  • Blaber (C9)
  • Josedeodo (Estral)
blaber gods easter eggs
Image Credits: Riot Games; Blaber & Josedeodo
  • 369 (JDG)
  • Chovy (GenG)
369 chovy gods
Image Credits: Riot Games; 369 & Chovy
  • Levi (GAM)
  • Yutapon (DFM)
  • Azhi (PSG)
;evi yutapon azhi
Image Credits: Riot Games

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