Top 5 AD Carry at LoL Worlds 2023

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Image Credit: Riot Games

With Worlds 2023 fast approaching, let’s rank the top five AD Carries participating in the event.

Of the five roles League of Legends has, the ADC role is one of the most important. Attack Damage Carry, or ADC for short, is the primary carry of the team. Many teams live and die by their ADC, especially when it comes to competitive play.

That said, the 2023 League of Legends World Championship is fast approaching. On October 11, 22 of the best teams from around the world will be competing for the title of the World Champions. And the ADCs of these teams will go head to head to find out who would be the best ADC in the world.

Before their eventual clash on the Worlds stage, let’s find out which of these talented Kings of Bot Lane would come out on top. So, here are our rankings for the top five ADCs at Worlds 2023

Top Five ADC’s At Worlds 2023

Here are our top five best ADCs for the upcoming Worlds 2023,

5. Elk (Bilibili Gaming)

Elk (Bilibili Gaming)
Image Credit: Lol Esports, ELk

We have Elk, the ADC from Bilibili Gaming, in the number five spot on our list. The player joined Bilibili Gaming in December of 2022 and has since performed very well along with ON and Bin. Due to his fantastic performance, Bilibili Gaming managed to make it to the 2023 MSI finals and is now looking to do another finals run in Worlds 2023.

4. Gumayusi (T1)

Gumayusi (T1)
Image Credit: Lol Esports, Gumayusi

Gumayusi was probably one of the most consistent players in T1 during the LCK 2023 Summer Season. In the absence of Faker, the 21-year-old AD Carry stepped up massively and almost single-handedly carried T1 to the LCK 2023 Summer Playoffs. Although T1 lost, Gumayusi was one of the biggest contributing factors in T1 reaching the LCK 2023 Summer Finals.

3. Peyz (Gen.G)

Peyz (Gen.G)
Image Credit: Lol Esports, Peyz

Kim “Peyz” Su-hwan is the youngest ADC on the list. The 17-year-old Rookie joined Gen.G in November 2022, and he had a challenging job ahead of him. He had to fill the shoes of one of the best ADC’s in the world, Ruler. The Rookie tackled the challenge head-on and managed to win both the Spring and Spring LCK titles along with the Rookie of the Year.

2. GALA (LNG Esports)

GALA (LNG Esports)
Image Credit: Lol Esports, Gala

The first half of the year had been tough for GALA as his team, RNG, placed number nine in the LPL 2023 Spring Split. But after switching teams to LNG Esports during the Summer Split, GALA was unleashed. While his former team, RNG, continued to underperform, GALA, along with LNG Esports, went to face JD Gaming in the LPL 2023 Summer Finals.

1. Ruler (JD Gaming)

Ruler (JD Gaming)
Image Credit: Lol Esports, Ruler

Ruler is undoubtedly THE best ADC in the world right now. Ruler, while he was in Gen.G, was a fantastic player, but after joining JD Gaming, he became a different sort of beast. The 24-year-old ADC managed to win both the LPL Summer and Spring Split and, recently, the 2023 MSI. Now, he is looking to make a Golden Slam by winning the 2023 Worlds.

Honorable Mentions

Light (Weibo Gaming)

Light (Weibo Gaming)
Image Credit: LPL, Light

The Weibo Gaming ADC, Light, has remained largely unnoticed in 2023. He, along with superstar Mid-Laner, managed to bring Weibo Gaming from sixth place in the LPL 2023 Summer Split to Worlds 2023. And now he is looking to make a deep run in the tournament.

Berserker (Cloud 9)

Berserker (Cloud 9)
Image Credit: Lol Esports, Berserker

Cloud 9 has looked very shaky throughout the LCS 2023 Summer Season. They dropped a bunch of games versus easy opponents and unexpectedly lost to NRG in the LCS 2023 Summer Finals. Despite all the hiccups of the team, Berserker looked fantastic. The player performed very well and was the only reason Cloud 9 even made it into Worlds 2023.

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