Thresh Receives Big Changes On LoL Patch 13.4

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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A lot of changes are coming in Patch 13.4 as Thresh is one of the champions receiving some major adjustments.

Patch 13.4 is going to be an immense update in League of Legends. The patch will introduce a variety of changes that will balance the trends that have happened in the past few updates. Riot has talked about how the ganking junglers have gotten too much value, as well as Enchanter and Marksmen Support meta being dominant.

To address all of that, jungle pets, support items, runes, and such are getting changes. Plenty of buffs and nerfs are coming to champions which will shake up the meta. There are also skins coming, like Astronaut Ivern and others. It’s going to be an excellent patch.

The highlights of the patch are massive changes to Azir and Thresh. Thresh has been a staple in League of Legends for a long time. As he has fallen to the wayside, Riot is making some major adjustments to Thresh to bring him back into the meta. Here are the changes as follows. Below is the full patch preview for Patch 13.4.

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Thresh Changes Patch 13.4

This Thresh update is an interesting process. There are quite a few interesting things in play with this update. So, let’s first lay out what the exact changes are.

  • Q – Damnation:
    • Magic Damage: 100-280 >>> 100-300.
    • AP Ratio: 80% >>> 90%.
    • Cooldown: 19-11 seconds >>> 19-9 seconds.
  • W – Dark Passage:
    • Base Shield: 50-150 >>> 50-130.
    • Cooldown: 22-16 >>> 21-17.
  • E – Flay
    • Base Damage: 75-215 >>> 75-235.
    • AP Ratio: 60% >>> 70%.

Changes are being made to multiple abilities. The Q and the E are getting a damage buff, while Damnation is also getting a lower cooldown in the late game. Meanwhile, his Dark Passage is taking a bit of a nerf to balance things.

The AP ratio increase will synergize well with his passive as souls grant some passive AP. So, these are some big changes to Thresh, which should catapult him to a great spot. Hopefully, we will see the Warden making it into pro play and succeeding in doing what he does best, hook people.

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