Teemo is Confirmed To Get An ASU In League of Legends

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Riot has confirmed that two champions are slated to receive ASU, and one of them is Teemo.

League of Legends was released in 2009. And since then, Riot has been releasing new content, champions, and skins. And comparing the skins released when the game was released with the ones released last month, the older ones cannot compete. There are still many champions in the game who still do not have a recall animation.

But Riot has been working hard on updating older champions and bringing them back in the spotlight. One way is by giving them a VGU or Visual and Gameplay Update. With this update, Riot completely overhauls a champion’s visual and kit. But since it usually takes a lot of time and sometimes that specific champion’s kit is fine, but only the visual is outdated, that time Riot will do some simple visual updates. These visual updates could range from VFX changes to splash art updates. But recently, Riot has started to do some huge visual rework to some older champions with the release of ASU.

ASU, or Art and Sustainability Update, is a new rework where Riot overhauls a champion’s visual, VFX, lore, and voice-over without changing their gameplay. This update aims to give older champions visual quality on par with some newer champions. Riot Games started this type of update with the release of Caitlyn’s ASU. And the update was overall a success. Because of that, recently, Riot released League’s second ASU, Ahri. And players love the new visual rework.

Furthermore, earlier this year, Riot confirmed that more than one champion might receive ASU annually. Because of that, fans were desperately waiting for which older champion would receive an ASU next.

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Teemo ASU

Recently, Riot Games released the newest League of Legends dev blog on their channel. In that dev log, they discussed many things, such as champion pricing, new game mode, lore, skins, and, most importantly, new ASU.

Riot has announced ASU for two different champions. One of them is Lee Sin, and the other is Teemo.

teemo asu
Image Credits: Riot Games

Teemo is one of the oldest champions in League of Legends. And since the release of the game, he has become an unofficial mascot of the game. And sometimes not even unofficial, Riot puts Teemo in almost every Runeterra-related product as possible. But since Teemo is very recognizable, it is understandable.

However, before Yuumi, or even a lot of newer champions, Teemo was one of the most frustrating champions in regular matchmaking. Because of his cheesy play style, Teemo was one of the most consistent troll picks. But his in-game visuals were abysmal, even when he was released. So players already knew he would receive a visual upgrade someday, and now it is finally happening.

As for the release date, Riot Games did not provide any. But we can guess that, Teemo’s ASU might release somewhere in 2024.

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