Fizz Receives VFX Updates on League of Legends Patch 12.16

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: u/Riot_Koyuncu

Riot Games gives Fizz a much-needed visual overhaul in patch 12.16.

Fizz is one of the most fun champions to play in League of Legends. But he’s also very annoying to play against. Even so, the community still adores the Tidal Trickster.

Even though he doesn’t get any significant picks in the pro scene, he still has a very active community, and people still love to play him in ranked games. But after the durability update, most assassins could not keep up with the meta. That also includes our favorite amphibious Yordle.

However, to give him some love, Riot Games is now pushing some quality of life and a major VFX (Visual effects) update. It should help Fizz’s visuals to get to the current League standards and improve the gameplay clarity.

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Fizz VFX Update

YouTube video

List of Changes

  • Base: Complete overhaul
  • Atlantean Fizz: Same as base, but with a custom R and W
  • Tundra Fizz: Same as base, but with a custom R and W
  • Fisherman Fizz: Same as base, but with a custom R and W
  • Void Fizz: Complete overhaul
  • Cottontail Fizz: Complete overhaul
  • Super Galaxy Fizz: New W passive marker
  • Omega Squad Fizz: New W passive marker
  • Fuzz Fizz: New W passive marker
  • Prestige Fuzz Fizz: New W passive marker
  • Little Devil Fizz: New W passive marker

Fizz VFX Release Date

Fizz VFX is currently out right now in the PBE servers. So if you have access, you can try it out right now. And it will release on the live servers on patch 12.16, which is scheduled to release on Wednesday, August 24, 2022.

Soumyo Deb is a League of Legends writer at GameRiv and a dedicated Jungle Main. When he is not writing about the latest League news, he is testing out various off-meta champions in the jungle.