Lee Sin is Confirmed To Recieve An ASU In League of Legends

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Riot has confirmed that two older champions will receive an ASU, and one of them is Lee Sin.

League of Legends was released more than a decade ago. Ever since then, Riot has kept releasing champions ever since. And comparing some old champions to newer ones, some have not aged well visually.

Riot has been doing visual updates to various older champions. They have done VGU that overhauls not only their visuals but also their gameplay as well. They also did some small visual changes by updating VFX or splash art. But the best visual rework Riot has done so far is the ASU.

ASU, or Art and Sustainability Update, is a new type of champion rework, where Riot updates a champion’s overall visual, lore, and voice-over without changing their gameplay. Moreover, they also update that champion’s entire skin catalog. Riot started this update with Caitlyn, and it was a success. Players loved the new and improved Caitlyn. Recently, Riot released League’s second ASU, Ahri. And players are reacting positively to the changes. Moreover, the player bases cannot wait to see which champions will receive ASUs next.

Earlier this year, Riot confirmed that more than one ASU might be released annually. So players were even more excited.

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Lee Sin ASU

Recently, Riot Games released the newest dev blog on its channel. In that dev blog, they talked about many things like champion pricing, lore, new game mode, clash, skins, and, most importantly, new ASU.

And excitingly, Riot has announced two new ASU. And one of them is for Lee Sin.

lee sin asu
Image Credits: Riot Games

Lee Sin is a fan favorite and one of the most-played champions. He is one of the first champions with a high-skill floor and ceiling. Because of that, he was very prominent in ranked and pro play. At least one person will be locking Lee Sin in every major tournament. Although visually, he hasn’t been changed much since his release.

However, in their recent video, Riot showed a sneak peek of his new base model. And it looks amazing. It is of the same quality as Ahri’s new models.

As for a release date, Riot did not confirm or reveal any dates when we might see the new ASU. But Ahri’s ASU took more than a year to develop because of her overwhelming amount of skins. Likewise, Lee Sin also has many skins. So we might see his ASU in 2024.

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