Riot Nerfs Champion Takedown XP On Patch 13.4

Champion Takedown XP is taking a hit on Patch 13.4.

Patch 13.4 is shaping up to be one of the best patches of season 13. With the patch, Riot aims to fix the disparities between ranged and melee supports, balancing Jungle as a role and, most importantly, fixing the snowball meta.

Snowballing has always been an issue in League of Legends. But ever since the Preseason 2023 changes, it has become even worse. Riot increased the Solo-Lane XP and buffed dragons while reintroducing catchup Jungle XP, leading to the rise of early-game ganking Jungler. This, along with the last season’s Durability Update, made it harder for the losing team to make a comeback. Which ultimately led to the snowball-centric meta we are now currently.

The snowball meta removes diversity and is very unhealthy for the game. So Riot is finally taking action to mitigate the snowball meta. One of these steps is to Nerfs Champion Takedown XP.

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Takedown XP Nerfs

  • Level 3 Experience: 186 >>> 144.
  • Level 4 Experience: 258 >>> 174.
  • Level 5 Experience: 330 >>> 204.
  • Level 6 Experience: 402 >>> 234.
  • Level 7 Experience: 434 >>> 308.
  • Level 8 Experience: 500 >>> 486.

Level 9-18 EXP unchanged.

One of the biggest weaknesses of early-game Junglers is falling behind in XP. But they can circumvent it by participating in takedowns and getting XP from it. So, Riot is nerfing the XP from takedowns to make early-game Jungler ganks for punishing.

Release Date

The aforementioned changes will be included in Patch 13.4, which will be released on Thursday, Feb 23, 2023.

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