Starfield: Reputation System Explained

Rafeed Sultan
By Rafeed Sultan
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Credits: Bethesda Game Studios

Unlock the mysteries of the Starfield reputation system, where its secrets are explained.

Starfield‘s campaign is packed with exciting features. It offers robust planetary exploration, punchy combat, and unparalleled customization. One of the game’s intriguing features is the reputation system, which may not be new for Bethesda fans, as it has appeared in games like Fallout 76.

In Starfield, you have the freedom to choose your path. It allows you to lead a peaceful, law-abiding life or give in to your darker impulses. The reputation system adds depth to the gameplay by influencing your relationships with various factions. A good reputation comes with perks, and going against it may lead you to challenges.

Let’s delve into the details of Starfield’s Reputation system, including how it fluctuates and the potential consequences of having either a positive or negative reputation. Finally, we’ll discuss methods to enhance your reputation within the game.

How Does the Reputation System Work in Starfield?

Faction Questlines

As you progress in Starfield, you can align yourself with a specific faction and take on their missions. According to the Dev Q&A, engaging with each faction’s questline independently is possible. However, it’s essential to note that your choices and actions may not sit well with other factions. Ultimately, complete control over all the factions may not be attainable.

When you undertake quests and tasks for a particular faction, your reputation with them will naturally rise. Conversely, if you choose to undertake a quest that conflicts with another faction’s interests, there’s a high likelihood that your reputation with that faction will decrease. This dynamic relationship between your actions and faction reputation is a key aspect of gameplay in Starfield.


Consider factions like the Freestar Collective Settlers, Neon Street Rats, and United Colonies Natives. These groups offer distinct traits tied to better quest rewards. However, engaging with them has consequences: opposing factions will escalate your crime bounty.

How to Improve Reputation?

Completing their quests is the simplest way to boost your reputation with a particular faction in Starfield. Since you can join all factions in Starfield, achieving this shouldn’t be difficult. However, as we discussed earlier, trespassing on another faction’s territory can lead to a decline in your reputation.

An alternative method to enhance your reputation involves refraining from eliminating NPCs associated with specific factions. While eliminating NPCs might be tempting for some, it can harm your reputation. It’s crucial to exercise caution and avoid killing NPCs unless it becomes necessary.

Can you be Evil?

In contrast to improving your Reputation, Starfield also allows you to turn evil, should you go over to the dark side. Here’s how you can be on the other side of the law in Starfield:

Join Crimson Fleet Faction

Join Crimson Fleet Faction
Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

The Crimson Fleet is a faction of villainous space pirates who steal from others and don’t abide by the rules set by the United Colonies. Joining this faction will ensure you get to cause mayhem in the Settled Systems.

You can become a double agent in the Crimson Fleet storyline. Here, your mission is to operate covertly, embedding yourself within the Crimson Fleet on behalf of the United Colonies SysDef (UC SysDef). You face a critical choice: either remain loyal to the Crimson Fleet or betray them in favor of the UC SysDef. It’s worth noting that aligning with the Crimson Fleet will significantly drop your reputation with the UC.

Killing NPCs

Killing NPCs
Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Killing NPCs in Starfield is very likely, and you will be able to be evil by killing off people who get in your way, who have what you want, or maybe just for the fun of it.

Sneaky Skills

Sneaky Skills
Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Starfield will have a few skills that may lend themselves to the path of evil, like sneaking around with the Stealth skill and looting from everyone using Theft.

The reputation system in Starfield is a crucial aspect of the game. It can sway between good and bad based on your actions and interactions with factions. A good reputation brings benefits, while a bad one presents challenges. To improve your reputation, focus on aligning with faction goals and making amends for past mistakes.

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