New Shan Hai Scrolls Skins Revealed For Patch 13.12

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Shan Hai Scrolls returns with four new skins in Patch 13.12.

In each patch, Riot decided to add skins to League of Legends. So far, we have had a variety of new skins that have been introduced to the game. This year, new skin lines like Mythmaker, Broken Covenant, Faerie Court, and Inkshadow were introduced. Thus, this brought a lot of eyes to the cosmetics world of League of Legends, as all of them had something different to offer.

In terms of celebrations, we have had the Heartbreak & Heartthrob for Valentine’s Day, Cats vs Dogs for April Fools, and the DRX Worlds skins as a tribute to Worlds 2022. Lastly, we have had to return skin lines such as Astronaut, Snow Moon, and Dawnbringer & Nightbringer.

All these add or amplify the current repertoire of cosmetics available to League of Legends and draw more eyeballs to them. The best thing about these is that Riot has done a good job distributing the skins. It now feels more like the champions have some parity in terms of skins, while the popular champions always get theirs.

In that regard, Shan Hai Scrolls is making a return to League of Legends with four new skins in Patch 13.12. This will feature new skins for some champions who have not seen one. The theme remains as always, as it is all mostly artistic, and the tree makes an appearance once more.

In terms of the Chinese Lore additions, these are four great additions. Here is what we know so far about the Shan Hai Skins.

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Shan Hai Scrolls Skins

As mentioned, here are the four new skins coming in Patch 13.12.

All the skins will be Epic tier, and Lillia is finally getting a new skin.

Release Date

The Snow Moon Skins will be releasing a day after Patch 13.12. Thus, the skins will be live on Thursday, June 18, 2023.

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