Samira is getting nerfs in patch 10.21 while Aphelios is getting some big buffs once again

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Patch 10.21 to feature some massive buffs to Aphelios while Samira is getting nerfs once again.

For the last couple of patches in season 10, Riot Games has been focusing on adjusting the ADC meta. However, after getting a lot of backlashes from the ADC mains, Riot attempted to rebalance the ADC meta first in patch 10.8, and later on patch 10.11.

Moreover, when the state of ADC was in question, Riot announced its 151st champion Samira, the Desert Rose. However, just after getting released, she was hovering around a 54% win rate in the Plat+ Elo. Therefore, Riot had to hotfix nerf her in patch 10.19. They reduced her heath by 70 and lowered base damage from her ultimate.

With that nerf, her win rate did drop to 47% in the last patch, but currently on patch 10.20 her win rate again increased to 50% where she has an astonishing 74.1% ban rate worldwide.

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Aphelios, on the other hand, had a similar story as Samira. When he was first released back in patch 9.24, he was also having the highest influence among any other champion in League of Legends. This resulted in him getting multiple nerfs in season 10. However, even with all these nerfs Aphelios somehow managed to stay relevant in the pro games.

But his recent nerf in patch 10.15 hit him way harder. He went from having a 48% win rate in patch 10.14 to just a 46.67% win rate in patch 10.20. Furthermore, his presence in the pro plays dropped significantly as well.

League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter has previewed the patch 10.21 today. And it seems like, they are planning to nerf Samira once again while giving some big buffs to Aphelios.

Samira Nerf Patch 10.21

Wild Rush (E):

  • Cooldown: 15-11 >>> 20-12
  • Attack speed: 30-50 >>> 20-40%

Aphelios Buff Patch 10.21

Lethality stat passive: 2-12 >>> 3-18

Moonlight Vigil (R):

  • Calibrum additional mark damage: 20-70 >>> 40-100
  • Gravitum R root: 1 >>> 1.25s
  • Severum R healing: 200-400 >>> 250-500
  • Infernum R splash damage: 75% >>> 85%
  • Crescendum R chakrams generated: 3 >>> 4

All the new changes of patch 10.21 are scheduled to go live on Wednesday, Oct 14, 2020.

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