Riot is reducing Mid lane roaming potential from patch 10.13 by making minions move slower to the lane

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Riot plans to bring Mid lane economy back to Season 9 level with the upcoming mid lane changes in patch 10.13.

UPDATE: Mid lane change has been delayed and shifted to after worlds patch!

At the start of Season 10, League of Legends was all about Jungle and Top lane changes. By the time they tried to fix Top and Jungle, AD carry was completely left behind with all the nerfs in season 9. Thus, after getting tons of complaints, Riot also tried to fix ADC by returning some of their carry potentials back in patch 10.11.

Up until now the only lane that was escaping from Riot’s balance team was the Mid lane. Last month they acknowledged that Mid is currently carrying a bit too much power and revealed some of their plans to nerf the Mid lane role.

Today, League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter tweeted revealing further mid lane changes targeting the Mid Laner’s roaming potential.

Patch 10.13 Mid Lane Changes:

  • Mid lane spawns a cannon every 3 >>> 4 waves for the first 15 min (after it’s normal)
  • Mid minions move slightly slower to the lane (reducing clear and roam potential)

From patch 10.13, Riot plans to spawn cannon minion on every 4 waves instead of 3 waves for the first 15 min and after 15 min mark cannon minion will spawn as usual. On top of that, they are also planning to reduce minions movement speed towards the Mid lane.

When someone asked Scruffy on Twitter whether the minions will reach the mid lane at the same time as sidelane minions do, Scruffy replied saying, “With our current tuning it’s the same time.” Their main goal of this nerf is to bring the mid economy back to the season 9 level and not below that.

In season 10, Mid lane is all about clearing minions waves as fast as possible and roam to help the Jungler or set up ganks in other lanes which clearly made them the best role in the game. In order to reduce some of its strength, Riot already nerfed some assassin Mid laners like Katarina, Talon, and others in the last couple of patches. And now they are directly targeting Mid lane’s wave clear from patch 10.13.

The new changes are already receiving mixed arguments from fans as some think it’s a bad idea to nerf Mid like that which will only encourage Mid laners to roam even more. League of Legends pro player Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg also said, after the changes, Season 10 will be all about Corki and Azir.

All the changes are yet to go through testing in the PBE, and depending on the feedbacks it will go or might not go into the live servers in patch 10.13.

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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