Diana and Katarina are the assassins to receive nerfs in patch 10.10

After many patches of dominating Diana and Katarina are finally receiving nerfs in patch 10.10.

League of Legends lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter tweeted today previewing the patch 10.10. And apparently, Diana and Katarina are the only assassins to receive nerfs in patch 10.10 while Talon and Nocturne are still dominating in the mid lane.

A couple of days ago, Riot Scruffy announced that mid is getting some nerfs in the upcoming patch as it carries too much power, but it seems like position changes have been delayed to later patch 10.11 for further testings.

Players have been complaining all over the League of Legends community about how much assassins are dominating the current meta. And how mid lane has been all about wave clear and roaming as much as possible. As a result, champions like Katarina, Diana, Talon, Nocturn are outperforming any other mages in the mid lane. But, for the patch 10.10, only Katarina and Diana are to receive nerfs while other champions are currently on further testing before they receive any kind of nerf.

Katarina Nerf Patch 10.10

  • DAGGER DAMAGE RATIO: 0.55/0.70/0.85/1.0 ability power > 0.55/0.66/0.77/0.88 ability power

Riot Games thinks Katarina is OP in skilled means from Platinum-Diamond elo. If we take a look at Katarina’s win rate in Plat, she has a 52.59% win rate with a massive 7.7% pick rate. In Diamond Elo, she also has a 53.27% win rate with a similar pick rate as in Plat Elo.

Even many players in the Master+ elo think she is unhealthy for the game is she manages to get ahead in the lane.

Diana Nerf Patch 10.10

  • Base Stats: Health 594 > 570
  • ATTACK DAMAGE: 57.04 > 57

Diana and Katarina’s kit are pretty similar as they both have a massive AOE burst ultimate. And both of them have the potential to one-shot the backline in team fights.

But unlike Katarina, Diana is widely popular in the lower Elos from Iron-Gold. In Iron where Katarina has only 47% win rate, Diana has a massive 54% win rate. Her win rate in Bronze-Gold is above 52% as well, as a result, Diana is getting nerfs in patch 10.10.

Other Patch 10.10 Changes:


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