Riot is shifting Mid lane changes from patch 10.13 to after World patch

Mid lane changes will not go live ahead of the 2020 League of Legends World championship as Riot Games is planning to shift it from patch 10.13 to after World patch.

Mid lane is the only role that was avoiding changes in season 10 despite being the strongest role in the game. Thus, yesterday, League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter tweeted that they are working on Mid lane nerfs targeting their roaming potential. And the changes were scheduled for the upcoming patch 10.13.

But, the changes received mixed opinions from players on both Reddit and Twitter. As the main goal of the change was to make minion arrive 10s slower to mid lane, some think its gonna impact a lot more than what people think it would. Reddit user CSDragon explained this as, no 10s head start for Mid laners meaning it’s easier for the enemy to back off, and harder to get a kill.

As the 2020 League of Legends Worlds Championship is knocking at the door, and even a slight of changes can bring a significant impact on the pro plays, a lot of players have been showing their concerns regarding this as well.

And, today, Riot Scruffy announced that their update plan is now shifted to after worlds patch.

“Our reasoning for the pivot is to avoid disrupting the pro game too significantly late in the season,” Riot Scruffy said. “Draining resources from mid while not increasing roams was going to be hard to accomplish with simple fast changes. These goals push against each other.”

In the meantime, they are planning to make the right balance with mid lane roaming and influence. They will be also working on long term systems that will let them adjust position power more easily.


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