Riot is increasing Dodge Penalties

Some bad news for the players who dodge too frequently as Riot is planning to increase the dodge penalties.

Dodging in League of Legends is very common for ranked games or sometimes even in normal games. When someone thinks their comp is not fair or due to many other reasons they leave the champ select and leaving champ select is called dodging.

Dodging is not a bad thing to do, even Riot has said: “We think dodging is ok”. But sometimes, some players are dodging too much intentionally without receiving any significant penalties. As a result, sometimes in higher elo where queue timer is already long, dodging hurts the overall experience of the game.

In the upcoming few months, Riot is planning to increase the dodge penalties for repeated champ select dodges. What Riot is going to do is:

  1. Increasing the “repeated dodge timeout” so that we catch more egregious cases where players are dodging constantly
  2. Amping up LP penalties for dodges (current is -3 for first dodge -10 if repeated)

With the new changes, it may discourage players to dodge too frequently. If Riot increase the LP penalties as well, some player might not prefer to dodge any more as well.

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