Riot confirms Spirit Blossom Kindred will not have an untoggled mask so fans recreate adorable untoggled skins

Fanmade untoggled Spirit Blossom Kindred skins are adorable and Riot should definitely consider them.

Spirit Blossom event is currently live on the patch 10.15, with the new dreamy jungler Lillia. For the event Riot also included Spirit Blossom skins for Yasuo, Thresh, Teemo, and Vayne. And recently for patch 10.16, Riot introduced the second part of the Spirit Blossom event featuring masked assassin Yone and new skins for Ahri, Cassiopeia, Kindred, and Riven.

Just like the first set, the second set also received a lot of appreciation from the League community. In the first set, Spirit Blossom Thresh has masked skin but after collecting a certain amount of souls, his mask becomes untoggled and Thresh takes a human form. Likewise, a lot of fans also asking for a similar type of skin where Kindred can also have an untoggled mask.

However, on the PBE feedback post, Riot has announced that they will not update the Spirit Blossom Kindred so that she can have her mask untoggled. Riot stated,

“Just wanted to let you all know that we know the idea of the toggle would be cool, but it’s not going to happen for this skin. Lamb with a mask is an important in-game read for Kindred so we are going to be keeping the mask on in game. Showing Lamb’s face in the recall and accessories is a cool way to incorporate this part of their Spirit Blossom character.”

But a lot of fans have started to recreate the Spirit Blossom Kindred skin with an untoggled mask. And LesuArt is one of them who drew an adorable Spirit Blossom Kindred skin.

A Twitter user shepishepu also shared a cute looking Spirit Blossom Kindred that Riot should actually consider before releasing the original skin on patch 10.16.

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