Patch 10.19 ADC changes: Sivir, Vayne, and Aphelios are getting buffs while Caitlyn and Senna getting nerfs

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Another patch, another massive updates for a lot ADCs in League of Legends.

For the last couple of patches in season 10, Riot Games has been focusing on adjusting the ADC meta. After getting a lot of backlashes from the ADC mains, first in patch 10.8, Riot attempted to rebalance the ADC meta and later on patch 10.11 tried to give back their carry potential.

However, there were some meta AD carries like Ezreal, Varus, and others who were showing prominent performance regardless of what buff they received. But, in the recent patches, Riot has gutted most of them which resulted in champions like Caitlyn and Ashe to be new meta champion. Although Ashe also received some notable nerfs, Caitlyn remained untouched or we can say nerfed by 5 movement speed!

And today, League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter previewed the patch 10.19 which is also going to be the Worlds patch. And ahead of the Worlds, Riot is targeting Caitlyn who escaped last time along with Senna ADC to be on the patch 10.19 nerf list. Meanwhile, champions like Sivir, Vayne, and Aphelios are getting buffs.

Sivir Buff Patch 10.19

  • Passive: Movement speed: 30-50 >>> 35-55

Sivir currently has one the lowest pick rate out of any ADC at this moment. Currently, on patch 10.18, she only has a 2.1% pick rate where her win rate is 49.31%. Although she did receive multiple buffs in season 10, her state in League of Legends has remained the same. Therefore, Riot is pushing some more Sivir buffs on patch 10.19.

Vayne Buff Patch 10.19

  • R: AD buff: 25-55 >>> 35-65

Apart from that patch 10.11 buff, Vayne is yet to receive any kind buffs in season 10. Even though she didn’t get any buffs or nerfs, Vayne has been maintaining a steady 50% win rate. Her pick rate in the recent patches has improved as well, and currently, on patch 10.18, she is sitting at a 9.2% pick rate.

Riot however thinks she deserves some buffs so that she can be a viable pick in the Worlds. Thus, Vayne will be getting buffs on patch 10.19

Aphelios Buff Patch 10.19

  • AD per level: 2 >>> 2.4

Ever since his release on patch 9.24, Aphelios has been in a rollercoaster ride in League of Legends. Because of him being overpowered he was nerfed multiple times, but pro players still somehow managed to play him and do well, thus, Riot had to push even more nerfs later on.

And after all these nerfs, currently on patch 10.18, Aphelios has one of the lowest win rates in League of Legends where he just has a 46.42% win rate and a 3.2% pick rate. Therefore, he will taste some notable buffs in the Worlds 2020 patch.

Aphelios Buff Patch 10.19
Aphelios is getting buffs in patch 10.19, image via Riot Games

Caitlyn Nerf Patch 10.19

  • Base AD: 64 >>> 62
  • W: Headshot damage: 60-240 >>> 40-240

Since her buff on patch 10.15, Caitlyn has been the most dominating ADC in League of Legends. Even with a slight nerf on patch 10.17, Caitlyn currently has a 51.1% win rate with a massive 24.8% pick rate.

Although she has been one of the most picked ADC for the last couple of patches, she was somehow escaping from Riot’s balance team. And when League players started to call out Riot regarding Caitlyn, they have finally decided to give her some significant nerfs ahead of Worlds in patch 10.19.

Senna ADC Nerf Patch 10.19

  • Passive: Mist wraith spawn on minion kill: 8.33% >>> 4.166%

Although Senna was originally released to be a support champion, most of the League players play her as an ADC. And currently on patch 10.18, she even has a 51.06% win rate as ADC which is one of the highest among ADC with an astonishing 12.8% pick rate. Therefore, she will be getting some nerfs in patch 10.19.

All these new ADC changes will hit the live servers on patch 10.19, which is scheduled for Wednesday, Sep 16, 2020.

ali ahmed akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
Ali Ahmed Akib is the Co-Founder and Editor-in-chief of GameRiv. Akib grew up playing MOBA titles, especially League of Legends and is currently managing the editorial team of GameRiv.