When Does Milio Release in League of Legends?

Milio is coming out soon in Patch 13.6 as the Ixtali Enchanter is making it to the Rift.

Riot has been pushing regular updates for League of Legends for a long time. This process has kept the game as balanced as possible while allowing Riot to have a direct effect on a meta. While the process has not been flawless, it has mitigated issues occasionally. It can always be done better, and Riot is striving to improve the system.

Thus, League of Legends gets patches frequently, usually two patches a month, other than during the offseason or mid-season breaks. In that aspect, Patch 13.5 came out fairly recently, and Riot is now working on a future patch. Yuumi has already been hotfixed in Patch 13.5 as well. Patch 13.5 introduced a bunch of changes, like the Azir changes.

While the Patch 13.5 work was going on, Milio was revealed officially by Riot. Faerie Queen Milio will be the skin coming with the champion release. With all the news with Milio, players may be wondering when the champion comes out. Hence, this article will answer that question. Here is the release date for Milio as follows.

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Milio Release Date

Milio is set to be released in Patch 13.6. Champions and Skins are generally available for purchase a day after the patch releases. Hence, Milio will be available to be played from March 23rd, 2023. This will be an exciting champion to experience due to the unique kit and the theme of it all. Hopefully, this will be a good release for Milio.

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