Riot Responds To Broken Covenant Showcase Event Backlash

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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No missions are coming to the Broken Covenant Showcase Event as the backlash ensued with Riot responding to that.

Everytime a Showcase Event has launched in League of Legends, there are usually free missions that provide loot for all players. Usually, the Showcase event will also have several missions, and the event will come with a Battle Pass, Event Shop, and more.

So far in Season 13, we have had the Lunar Event featuring the Mythmaker and the Lunar Emperor skins. That was the last event we saw in League of Legends. Before that, we had the Worlds 2022 and Winterblessed 2022 Events. All those offered Borders, Icons, Emotes, Skins, etc.

With another Showcase Event appearing for the release of Broken Covenant, players expected missions with free rewards. However, none came, which started a backlash to force a response from Riot. As expected, Riot has responded about the issue, and he is what we know so far.

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No Missions in Broken Covenant Showcase Event

As mentioned earlier, the Broken Covenant Showcase Event has no mission. Spotted by several players, this prompted a big Reddit post where people started venting about the issue. It is clear that players are disappointed, and the situation escalated due to a sneaky change done to the Riot FAQ for events.

That caused more frustration and anger from the players as Riot did not communicate this beforehand. So, the situation was a bit of a mess. After this, Riot Rovient replied back about the issue.

Riot’s Response

To address all this, Riot Rovient commented on the same Reddit post. Riot Rovient said he was “unaware that we had a commitment to Showcase Missions”. However, he did promise the rewards for this Showcase Event to be integrated with the upcoming event. Also, Future Showcases will have Missions as Riot Rovient assured players.

While it’s fine to take accountability and promise rewards and Missions for future events, it is a bad look to use that phrasing, especially when the FAQ was suddenly edited recently. It seems rather tone-deaf or negligent on Riots’ part to not communicate the absence of Missions and simply edit the FAQ and then post on Reddit that there was no commitment to putting in any.

Also, it makes Riot look disingenuous as well. Riot has to fix this in terms of communicating anything they don’t include before the issue gets brought up by players and content creators alike. Not doing so could have severe consequences in the future.

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