Lillia is apparently taking the same path as Volibear and Fiddlesticks in terms of win rate in the release patch

Lillia currently has the lowest win rate in the jungle and apparently it seems like she is following the same footsteps as Volibear and Fiddlesticks in terms of win rate in the release patch.

After teasing the dreamy jungler for months, Riot Games has finally released Lillia on the Spirit Blossom Event. Being a mid-range skirmisher, Lillia heavily relies on her AP burst damage. And a league player also figured out how to clear all six jungle camp in just around 3.15 min to make her clear one of the fastest in the game.

Despite having one of the fastest jungle clear and a unique kit, Lillia however has the lowest win rate in the jungle. Currently, on patch 10.15, Lillia only has a 39.96% win rate in Plat+ Elo with a 6.8% pick rate. And the only champion to have below 40% win rate in the game.

Image Via Riot Games

However, it’s nothing new to see a newly released champion having the lowest win rate in the game. When reworked Volibear was released he had one of the lowest win rates in League of Legends history with just a 35.97% win rate in the jungle. Thus, Riot eventually buffed him on the later patch, and with that patch 10.12 buff, Volibear went from having a 36% win rate to a 54% win rate which made him the highest win rate champion in League of Legends.

Fiddlesticks also had similar stats as Volibear on his release patch 10.7. But after getting buffs he also became one of the highest win rate champions, as a result, Fiddlesticks had to undergo a bunch of nerfs later on.

And apparently it seems like, Lillia is also taking the same path as Volibear and Fiddlesticks for having the lowest win rate in the release patch.

Before the Spirit Blossom Event Riot warned League players that all the new champions will have a higher skill cap and they might not high win rate on the release patch. And for Lillia, Riot also warned players that she will also have a high learning curve which could affect her win rate.

Although she has a very low win rate, a lot of players think Lillia is still a somewhat balanced champion who just needs a little bit of time so that player can utilize her kit properly. But if her win rate doesn’t increase in the coming days, there is no doubt that Riot will buff her in patch 10.16.


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