League players think the upcoming buffs to Fiora and Jax on patch 10.16 is “unnecessary”

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Riot is planning to bring changes to 25 champions on patch 10.16 including buffs to Fiora and Jax, but League players think these buffs are absolutely “unnecessary”.

Yesterday, League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter previewed the patch 10.16 that is focused on the world and summer playoff. And in order to shake things up in the competitive meta Riot is plotting on buffing 15 champions while nerfing 10 meta champions.

Patch 10.16 will bring changes to some underwhelming champions like Ziggs, Neeko, and Veigar while other popular champions like Yasuo, Akali, Fiora, and Jax will also taste some buffs as well. But a lot of League of Legends players are calling out Riot Games for buffing Jax and Fiora despite having a fairly good win rate in the solo queue.

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Currently, on patch 10.15, Fiora has over 51.75% win rate in Diamond+ Elo and a massive 54.43% win rate in Master Elo. Although Fiora has more than an average win rate, Riot Games is still buffing her on patch 10.16 by reducing her Q cooldown and Q refund.

Jax also has similar stats as Fiora as he has been maintaining that 50% win rate mark for most of season 10 while having around 8-9% pick rate as well. But just like Fiora, Riot is also planning to bring back Jax in the Pro meta by buffing his E cooldown on patch 10.16.

League players however are not liking the direction Riot is planning to take in patch 10.16. Many players are calling out the buff to Jax and Fiora completely “unnecessary” and “annoying”. They are also criticizing Riot’s decision on buffing the champions that they only want to see on the pro games.

On Reddit on a Jax main said, “Why on earth is Jax being buffed? What is riot doing?” And replying to that thread another player said, “they wanna shake up the meta by throwing buffs at 90% of toplane champs.” A lot of players are also questioning how Caitlyn is getting away with a nerf while Ashe is getting some major nerfs on patch 10.16 despite having the same stats.

Patch 10.16 changes clearly show that Riot wants to diversify the pro meta, but buffing reasonably strong champions could potentially break the world or playoff meta.

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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