League of Legends Upcoming Champion Hwei Details Leaked

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Image Credit: Riot Games

The visuals for the upcoming Ioninan Inkamage Hwei have been leaked.

League of Legends has over 160 champions to choose from, and every year, Riot adds even more. For 2023, Riot has announced that they will be introducing four new champions to the game.

Out of the four champions, three have already been released. These champions are the Ixtali enchanter, Milio: The Gentle Flame, the Darkin assassin, Naafiri: The Hound of a Hundred Bites, and the most recent vampire champion, Briar: The Restrained Hunger. Finally, before the closure of Season 13, Riot plans to release the upcoming champion, Hwei.

Hwei was announced earlier in the year with the moniker “Ink Mage.” Hailing from the region of Ionia, Hwei is an artist who can bring his paintings to life. He will be a Mid-Laner similar to our previous champion, Naafiri, and will be the second Mid-laner to be released this year. Other than that, Riot has not released any information about the upcoming champion.

That said, there have been some leaks regarding Hwei and his visuals. In this article, we will discuss the leaks in further detail,

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Hwei Details Leaked

According to the well-known leaker, Big Bad Bear, Hwei might have some relation to the Primordial Demons, similar to Nilah and Ashlesh, the Demon of Joy. He is also said to be looking for his artistic source of inspiration or a Muse. So, one of the Primordial demons could become his source of inspiration.

Additionally, Big Bad Bear commissioned a few artists to create artwork for the champion. Here’s how Hwei would look like based on the leaks,

Image Credit: BigBAD BEAR & KokaKoratt
Image Credit: BigBAD BEAR & IcaroMozartt

From the images, Hwei looks to be somewhat young, in his 20s, according to the leaker. He is also wielding a giant paintbrush as his weapon of choice and has green hair.

Potential Release Date

As for the release date, Big Bad Bear stated that he is coming within a month. So, we can expect him to be released in the PBE servers in Patch 13.24 or so.

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