League of Legends New Champion Naafiri: Abilities, Release Date, and More

Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Naafiri, The Hound of a Hundred Bites, is the next champion to come to League of Legends as an assassin.

Considering all the hurdles earlier this year, season 13 has been impressive in League of Legends. With many significant changes to the core game compared to the previous years, especially season 12, this season has been a breath of fresh air.

However, this year, we have not seen many new champions in the game. Riot only released one new champion, and that was Milio, enchanter support. He has been one of the most influential champions in the meta. However, he was disabled in MSI 2023, as he was just released at the time. But after players were allowed to pick Milio, he was seen being either picked or banned in almost all the professional matches.

Earlier this year, Riot teased all the champions coming to the game this season. And after Milio, they announced the next champion would be a Darkin assassin called Naafiri. Recently, Riot Games has completely unveiled and showed off her ability and lore.

As stated before, Naafiri will be a Darkin champion released in League of Legends. Not only that, she would be a proper monster champion as well.

Darkins are corrupted Ascendeds who are proficient at blood magic. In the lore, all of the Darkins are trapped within various weapons. When someone or something tries to wield that weapon, the Darkin takes over that body. And Naafiri’s weapon is a Darkin dagger. Additionally, her vessel is a pack of hounds. We haven’t received any new Darkins since Rhaast in 2017, and Naafiri is an excellent addition to the game.

With all that said, here’s everything we know about the 164th champion of League of Legends, Naafiri.

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Here is the gameplay trailer of the Darkin Assassin.

Naafiri Abilities

Here are all the abilities of the upcoming champion.

Passive – We Are More

Naafiri spawns Packmates that attack the targets of her attacks and abilities.

Q – Darkin Daggers

Naafiri hurls up to two daggers, each inflicting bleed, or each inflicting bonus damage if the target is already bleeding.

Packmates leap to attack champions hit by this skill.

W – Hounds’ Pursuit

Naafiri and her packmates dash at an enemy, colliding with the first champion hit and dealing damage.

E – Eviscerate

Naafiri dashes and damages enemies in an area, recalling and healing her Packmates to full. 

R – The Call of the Pack

Naafiri empowers her pack and spawns additional Packmates, gaining a burst of speed and vision and a shield when she attacks a champion.

On first champion takedown, all effects are refreshed.

Naafiri Release Date

The upcoming champion Naafiri is expected to release on patch 13.14, scheduled for Thursday, July 20, 2023.


Base Splash Art

Image Credits: Riot Games

Soul Fighters Naafiri

soul fighters naafiri
Image Credits: Riot Games

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