Most Picked & Banned Champions in MSI 2023

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Here is the list of champions that have been picked and banned the most in MSI 2023 so far.

MSI 2023 has been a good event thus far. The first League of Legends international tournament of the year is off to a nice start. The Play-Ins have been completed, and teams are gearing up for the Bracket Stage. The draw revealed the matchups we are going to be watching in the Bracket Stage.

It is a lot to look forward to as the MSI 2023 games continue from May 9, 2023. Moving on, the MSI meta has really shown itself so far, with more to follow soon in the Bracket Stage. We made our lists for the top 5 players in MSI 2023 as well.

In this article, we will discuss all the top-picked and banned champions in MSI 2023 so far. Without further ado, let’s jump to it.

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Most Picked and Banned Champions

Like our Worlds 2022 list, we will be doing this the same way. The top twenty champions will be listed in terms of Presence, Pick rate, Ban rate, Win percentage, and more. Presence means the number of times the champion has been picked or banned in the total number of games played. This way, the list will be sorted in terms of Presence and more data-driven.

All the statistics were taken from various sites from Without further ado, let’s jump into the list.

NoChampionsPresencePick RateBan RateWin PercentageRoles Used In
1Vi94.7%25% (18/72)75% (54/72)56%Jungle
2K’Sante89%48.5% (33/68)51.5% (35/68)58%Top, Mid
3Annie86%38.5% (25/65)61.5% (40/65)48%Mid, Support
4Nautilus79%38.3% (23/60)61.7% (37/60)57%Jungle, Mid, Support
5Rakan79%53.3% (32/60)46.7% (28/60)59%Support
6Jinx75%75.4% (43/57)24.6% (14/57)58%AD Carry
7Maokai75%36.8% (21/57)63.2% (36/57)62%Jungle
8Aphelios75%81.7% (46/57)18.3% (11/57)43%AD Carry
9Kennen74%26.8% (15/56)73.2% (41/56)40%Top
10Lulu74%57.1% (32/56)42.9% (24/56)50%Jungle
11Ahri68%50% (26/52)50% (26/52)50%Mid
12Lucian64%19.6% (9/49)80.4% (40/49)56%AD Carry
13Gragas55%52.4% (22/42)47.6% (20/42)59%Top, Jungle, Mid
14Wukong50%63.2% (24/38)36.8% (14/38)42%Jungle
15Sion47%50% (18/36)50% (18/32)50%Top
16Nidalee43%27.3% (9/33)72.7% (24/33)44%Jungle
17Thresh42%46.9% (15/32)53.1% (17/32)47%Support
18Xayah42%75% (24/32)25% (8/32)50%AD Carry
19Gwen39%40% (12/30)60% (18/30)58%Top
20Lissandra38%65.5% (19/29)34.5% (10/29)37%Mid
Stats Obtained from Gol.GG

MSI was interesting, with a lot of flex picks like K’Sante and Nautilus. Mid lane became more of a setup or facilitating champions like Annie, Nautilus, etc. Junglers were skirmish-heavy paired up with the mid laner. Bot lane was strictly hyper-carry alongside supportive or engage heavy champions. Lastly, the top lane was a mixed back with carries and tanks.

It was a lot of team fighting and peeling to win games, and it worked for JDG, who were the winners of MSI 2023. This was an interesting meta with not many high win rates across the board. Definitely not the most boring meta in terms of champions, but it was fairly fixed in terms of ADC and jungle picks.

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